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Plumbing inspection reports

Are you buying a new house? Perhaps you’ve had some renovations or works completed at your property? For the ultimate peace of mind ensuring that the plumbing meets all the regulations and is in good condition, it’s best to have a licensed professional complete a plumbing inspection report.

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Complete CCTV drain inspection

At Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage our experienced plumbing team use the latest technology and equipment to identify any leaks, blockages, weaknesses or issues that could arise when it comes to the plumbing systems of your home. If left unidentified these problems can often lead to extensive future repairs, so it makes sense to review them and carry out repairs promptly.

If you’re purchasing a new home, we can provide honest advice and repair quotes so you can negotiate these during the purchasing process.

If there’s been general works on your existing home, or you’d just like an expert to provide you with a thorough inspection we can do that too.

Drain inspection camera in drain
Drain inspection camera

Inspection report

So what exactly does a plumbing inspection report consist of?

  • Camera inspection of stormwater and sewer lines
  • Inspection of water lines
  • Inspection of taps (basin combination, shower heads and taps, kitchen taps, laundry taps, etc.)
  • Inspection of toilets including flexi hoses in the property for leaks or signs of corrosion
  • Inspection of hot water systems
  • Inspection of gutters and roofing

Many building and pest inspections do not cover plumbing in great detail, and these companies are often not liable for plumbing faults as covered in their terms & conditions.

Many owners and real estate agents are not aware of underlying plumbing issues with the property, and in some cases, they are aware and best efforts are made to hide any problems. For these reasons you need experienced, unbiased professional advice.

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With solutions for most residential properties starting from as little as $450 + GST there’s no reason not to have a quality plumbing inspection report completed.

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