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Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

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Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

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In need of leaking roof repairs in Brisbane?

As a home or business premises owner, there’s almost nothing more worrying than a leaking roof. A drip here or a drip there might be tempting to ignore until it’s actually raining in the kitchen, but the damage caused by faulty roof plumbing or infrastructure can nonetheless be devastating and extremely expensive. Not just that, whether caused by a plumbing pipe or stormwater leak definitely isn’t supposed to be on the loose above our heads, and obviously doesn’t mix well with all that wiring up there. Have you been putting off leaking roof repairs, or should you be getting your roof and roof plumbing checked to make sure it’s safe & sound?

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Here at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage, we take care of all your plumbing and maintenance needs, including swift detection and remedies for roof leakage repair. Don’t be tempted to brush this issue aside as you could be risking:

  • Ceiling damage: If you’re seeing drops in the kitchen, just imagine the damage in the ceiling space, not to mention the wiring and the back-end of those ceiling-mounted appliances like lights and fans.
  • Mould & mildew: The thing about mould & mildew is that once it gets started, it grows and spreads throughout your home or premises’ structure and features.
  • Your health & safety: The outcome of damp, mould & mildew can be worsened allergic reactions including asthma – and for some, the consequences can be serious and even fatal. Skimping on leaking roof repairs also poses a risk of slippage.
  • Fire: You might think water puts out fires, but don’t forget about the huge risk of shorting wires and electric shocks.
  • Higher bills: Leaking roof repairs may be one expense, but another is higher water bills but also increased energy expenditure due to damaged insulation.
  • Structural damage: A leaking roof obviously damages your ceiling and ceiling space, but also at risk is your home or building’s fundamental structural integrity in the form of damaged rafters, joists, wall frames, fascia boards, exterior trim, wood deterioration, rotting and much more.

Need Roof & Guttering Services in Brisbane?

All too often, the health of your roofs, gutters, downpipes and stormwater systems are overlooked – but they play an incredibly important role on every single Brisbane roof. When this happens, trust our Brisbane roof and guttering experts to get it up and working!

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Get fixed pricing, guaranteed workmanship and 24hr emergency service, book one of our licenced Brisbane plumbers today!

Leaking roof repairs you can trust

Do you require leaking roof repairs, or has it been some time since your roof plumbing & integrity were inspected by trusted professionals with all the best leak detection equipment, skills, qualifications and experience? If you need emergency roof repairs or attention, don’t hesitate for another moment and give the attentive and friendly team at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage a call right now on 1300 616 203. No matter what time it is, what day of the week it is or whether it’s a public holiday – we’ll be there in a flash!

Otherwise, our fully-licensed team will still prioritise your roof plumbing inspections and leaking roof repairs by sending out a fully-stocked van and always guaranteeing:

  • Custom roof and drainage solutions for all your plumbing needs
  • Fair, fixed, upfront pricing
  • Fully guaranteed workmanship – for life
  • 100% licensed and insured Brisbane plumbers.

The entire team at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage have decades of combined experience in all forms of residential, commercial and even industrial roof plumbing. Most solutions can be implemented on the initial day of service, giving you peace of mind that when you call on us for help, we’ll solve your problem straight away and thoroughly the first time every time.

Brisbane’s best in trusted roof leak services

Don’t forget, your roof plumbing may be damaged for a whole range of reasons, from general wear & tear and deterioration to undetected leaks, poor installation or a lack of maintenance, stormwater issues and more. If you’re not sure, give Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage a call today and we’ll get a member of our experienced and friendly team out to your place in a jiffy to assess for leak repair. We’ll either fix it fast, lay out your options or make the professional recommendations to safeguard your roof and home integrity – so put your need for trusted roof leak services in our hands and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work. See what customers are saying about our Brisbane Northside plumbing services and why locals recommend us.

Aiden and Cameron came out to help fix some leaks coming into our roof space. They were punctual, friendly, and polite…

Benjamin Rerden

…Craig was right on time, completed the job beautifully and removed the old roofing sheets without fuss. I WILL be using this company again…

Julie Hall & Kerry Smith

Very happy with the work that was carried out on my roof…

Nate Y

Plumber FAQ

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Did you know that burst Flexi hoses can leak up to 1500 litres of water per hour?

Flexi hoses can be a ticking time bomb and unless maintained regularly they can cause irreversible water damage to your house.

According to reports by insurance companies -NRMA, Budget Direct, RACQ, IAG - Flexi hoses are the primary cause of internal flooding in homes.

There have been many instances wherein the Flexi hose burst while the residents were asleep. To their surprise, the whole house was flooded when they woke up. 1 out of 5 liquid claim to insurance companies is due to a burst flexi hose and the water damage claims can reach up to nearly $400,000. The damage caused by these leaky hoses can be very costly to fix and is totally preventable with regular maintenance.

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When to call an emergency plumber?

In every case, your local emergency plumber will ask you a series of questions when you call to get an idea of the problem over the phone to ensure they are ready to deal with your issue when they arrive.

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Why do I have low water pressure?

Are you constantly experiencing low water pressure from your showerheads and faucets? There may be a small plumbing problem within your home that is to blame for the lack of water pressure in your fixtures. In residential plumbing, a water pump can be used to generate pressure in the water supply pipes to move clean water to fixtures, when the force of gravity cannot be utilised due to the location of the fixture or residence. This water transportation process contains many various components, some of which may be the cause of low water pressure in your home. This article will inform you of the possible causes of low water pressure and some practical solutions to the problems.

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Plumbing Emergency in Brisbane?

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