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A huge component to consider when looking at upgrading or replacing your hot water system is size – what size of the system should be. Whether it is a storage or continuous flow system you are considering, you need to ensure that the hot water heater you choose can adequately meet your current household needs and, if applicable, allow for growth in your family.

But how do you know what size is best? You can use the number of people in your home as a rough guide, however other aspects have to also be looked at. Our Brisbane plumbers have prepared a a guide for you.

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Hot Water System Factors to Consider

There are a few different factors you need to consider when looking at hot water unit sizing including :

  1. Hot water system typeare you thinking storage or continuous flow system is the best option? And what about solar vs electric vs heat pump vs gas systems?
  2. Household size: how many people live in your home and use hot water?
  3. Household needs: how many showers and baths do your family have a day? How many times do you use your washing machine or dishwasher?
  4. Outlets: if you are looking at an instantaneous system, how many outlets need to be serviced at once?
  5. Location: where are you looking at placing your hot water unit? Inside, outside, on your roof… the options are endless!
  6. Upfront Costs: what about purchase and installation costs? Do you have a specific budget?
  7. Eco-friendly: are you thinking something a little more environmentally friendly is the way to go? Or is this not on the top of your list?
  8. Rebates: are you thinking that a rebate arrangement might be something you are interested in? If so, is there a specific rebate scheme you were interested in?
  9. Brands: did you have a specific brand in mind? Do they specialise in a particular type or size of the hot water system?
  10. Ongoing Costs: are you looking at having a system that can heat water in off-peak times?
  11. Upkeep: what about maintenance and servicing options? Are they costly and/or time-consuming?

Hot Water Unit Sizing

As a rough guide, the following table sets out what applies to a typical residential home (if you have a dishwasher, it is recommended that you add another person):

Electric Hot Water Systems (storage)

Electric Hot Water System Sizing

Electric Hot Water System Sizing

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water System Sizing

Solar Hot Water System Sizing

LPG and Natural Gas Hot Water Systems

LPG and Natural Gas Hot Water System Sizing

LPG and Natural Gas Hot Water System Sizing

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