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If you’re a buyer looking to purchase a property or a homeowner looking to sell you do have one piece of serious kit in your arsenal and that’s a Home Inspection report. Obtaining an HI report is an essential part of buying a property and a wise move for those looking to sell. It tells homeowners that they might have a potential plumbing or drainage problem so that they can carry out repairs before market to avoid losing a sale. Or at the very least, are aware of it, so that the price can be adjusted accordingly or potential buyers notified. It also helps buyers make a fully informed purchasing decision.

When it comes to plumbing problems, unfortunately, some are more common than others and the likelihood of whether or not they’re going to show upfront and centre on your report depends on a series of factors. The age of your property, plus the quality of workmanship and materials used to repair or install a plumbing system all play a significant part in it. That said, there are a few common occurrences that tend to show up time and time again.

DIY nightmares

In this age of Do It Yourself and cost-cutting there are more than a fair share of shoddy DIY plumbing nightmares that continually show up on HI reports.

Plumbing work that doesn’t meet industry regulations or is carried out by unlicensed people has the potential to derail an otherwise straight forward sale. So if you do decide to DIY anything more involved than changing a tap washer you could be setting yourself up for a lost sale or costly repairs down the track. Always use licensed, insured plumbers for any plumbing work around your home to ensure it is compliant and carried out in line with all relevant regulations.

Pipe or drain damage

Pipe damage or decay is one of those areas that can go undetected until a home building inspection is carried out. It’s often more of a problem in older homes where outdated piping materials, cracked or decayed pipes, or leaking fixtures and waste lines are often the norms rather than the exception.

Evidence of water damage

One other issue that often tends to appear regularly on a Home Inspection report is evidence of water damage. Problems such as patches of damp, mould, mildew, and fungus and rotting wood are all signs that your property has sprung a leak at some point.

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