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We all know that our grocery, mortgage and electricity bills are going up, up, UP! But how about your water? Unfortunately, it’s also bad news. While household water usage actually decreased by 0.5% so far this year, and the water supply is through the roof due to hefty rainfall, general inflation means that those water bills are still up by 3%-plus. But before you rush around and instruct everyone in the house to limit their showers to a 1-minute speed-scrub, there’s something else to consider: the water saving shower head.

Have you ever had a water saver shower?

However, the adoption of water saving shower heads actually remains quite controversial. Why’s that? Well, it’s because of all the negative reviews. For instance, water-efficient shower heads are otherwise known as the aerated shower head – and some people say that a combination of water with air can make your steaming hot shower a little bit lukewarm. Others moan that it can also take longer for a temperature tweak to take effect, while others say the faster-moving stream of water feels like pins & needles on the skin.

But: have you tried a water-efficient shower head lately? You may just be blown away by the improvements – and end up loving it a lot more than that standard, water-washing showerhead. And at the same time, you’ll also be enjoying a reduced shower flow rate that can save you more than 20 litres PER MINUTE. Install them in all of your showers, and the savings can be counted in the hundreds of dollars per year – more than enough to compensate for higher water prices. Just be sure to look out for the WELS label, which is an Australian water efficiency standard that lets you know just how effective your water saver shower will be. TIP: We recommend water-efficient showerheads with at least a 3-star rating.

And did you know:

  • Saved hot water also means a smaller power bill?
  • Your carbon footprint will be smaller?
  • You may qualify for rebates/swap programs for water efficient shower heads?

4 reasons to give water saving showerheads another try

But are you still in the naysayer camp of people who have heard negative stories or had negative experiences with water saving showerheads? It might be time to check out the latest-generation range of products, because 21st-century innovation means that product weaknesses don’t remain that way for long these days:

1. A conservative choice

Did you know you can now buy a water saving shower head that doesn’t really save all that much water – and therefore won’t negatively affect your shower quality either way? If you’re nervous about the switch, why not start with a slight reduction to that average 15-20 litres per minute flow rate? Because every cent counts.

2. Try a non-aerated shower head

The biggest complaint about aerated shower heads is that some people don’t like the feel of air-mixed-with-water on their bodies. However, you can also get a non-aerated product that won’t change the expected temperature of your hot water at all. It simply ramps up the speed and pressure of the water by squeezing it through smaller holes.

3. Find your ideal style

Once upon a time, when water saving shower heads were more of a niche product, the style and materials often left a little to be desired. But no more! In fact, most modern shower heads are in fact water-saving to varying degrees, but you can also get extremely low-flow products in the high-quality material and on-trend style you prefer. These include the popular rainfall-style heads, a chrome finish, duel heads, multi-spray pattern features and more.

4. Hedge your bets with variable-flow

If you’re a big believer in low-flow showerheads but you live with people who want to stick with full mains pressure, grab yourself a variable flow head. This means you can switch between various flow rates, from very little saving at all to a powerful shower massage – the choice is yours!

Let us install your water efficient shower heads

Did you know Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage can fix you up with full, proper and certified installation of water saving shower heads at your place this week? If you’ve tried them in the past, try the latest-generation products to experience water-saving benefits with your usual 5-Star shower experience. And if you’ve never used water saving showerheads, start browsing the shiny new range today. For advice, guidance and fully guaranteed workmanship for life, get in touch with the friendly shower & bathroom plumbing team at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage today.