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When you close your eyes and think of the word “tap”, a cartoon image of the most generic tap type probably comes to mind. But when an experienced plumber is asked to close their eyes, dozens of different types of taps are likely to start swirling around in their head.

But while we understand it may be a little difficult to start contemplating all those different types of tap configurations, our Brisbane plumbers think there are at least 7 that the keen home owner should get their head around:

Which type of tap do you require?

1. The pillar tap type

pillar types of tap

These may actually be the types of taps that you imagined in cartoon form in the first sentence of this blog. Think of a run-of-the-mill separate ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ tap you would have seen in your Grandma’s bathroom when you were a kid, and you already understand the pillar type of tap.

2. The mixer tap types

bath mixer tap

If your Grandma recently renovated her kitchen, however, she probably now has mixer taps – and possibly in her bathroom, too. They’re very popular because it’s essentially a single tap but you’re able to control just how hot or how cold the flow of water is.

3. The monobloc tap

monobloc types of taps

The name may be a bit unfamiliar, but it’s basically a variety of the mixer type of taps. There will just be a single handle, though – lean left for hotter, and right for colder.

4. The standard washer tap type

washer tap type

Your plumber may refer to that traditional washer as a ‘compression’ washer, and if you know how to change a washer when your tap is dripping, these are the type of tap we’re referring to here. In its most basic form, it’s a pillar tap with a twisting handle – and the washer does the work of controlling how much water comes out as you twist.

5. The disc tap types

disc taps

After the standard compression washer, this is probably the second most popular washer type taps. The ‘washer’ is in the form of ceramic disc, featuring holes that progressively allow and disallow the flow of water as those holes align. If you find a tap that is particularly easy to crank on to full, it’s probably a disc tap type.

6. The ball tap type

ball types of taps

Forget those holes, though, because the ball-type tap operates thanks to the functionality of … a ball! You’re actually most likely to find this tap type in the garden, featuring a rudimentary handle. As you move the handle, the ‘ball’ controls not only the speed of the flow but also potentially the hot/cold water mix. Unfortunately, they’re rather prone to leaking.

7. The cartridge types of taps

cartridge taps

The working part of this tap type is an internal cartridge, with left-right movement operated by the user controlling the flow. The beauty of the cartridge is that a single user interface – the handle – controls both flow speed and temperature. Left and right for the temperature, and up and down for the flow.

Need help with all those different tap types?

Woah – that’s a lot of different taps! Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of other types that you’ve probably used in your lifetime but may not know their names. Need help navigating this tricky area of plumbing? The friendly team of specialists at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage certainly know their way around all those different taps – including how to repair leaking taps or install new taps to replace the ones that may be playing up at your place. For help with all the various tap types and 100% guaranteed workmanship on every single job, give Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage a shout today.