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There are a lot of ways in which our plumbing pipes, drains and systems get clogged and damaged. All of that hair from the shower, food scraps from the kitchen sink, unwisely flushed items down the toilet and debris from storms is most definitely a big problem. But there’s one phenomenon that can cause even bigger problems than all of them put together: tree roots.

What’s the deal with tree roots in pipes?

Why is the tree root in pipes problem so severe? Because it’s almost certainly been brewing for some time – probably years upon years. Tiny, hair-like roots sneak into those tiny pipe cracks or joints because the damp, humid and organic-rich insides of your plumbing pipes are just so attractive to your hungry and thirsty trees. And once they’ve found their way in, those tree roots in pipe systems utterly thrive – causing incredibly dense blockages, cracks, leaks and destruction.

Think you might have a tree root pipe problem? Here are the most common signs:

1. Water bills soaring?

If your water bills are suddenly much higher than before, a hidden leak is probably the cause. And if you can’t even notice where that significant leak is occurring, it’s probably under the ground – with the tree roots!

2. Drainage problems?

When you pull out the plug, is the water from your bath, sink and other drains slow to clear? It could be the case that a big clump of thriving tree roots in the drain and plumbing infrastructure is now slowing the flow, which may also cause your toilet to back up.

3. Backyard sinkhole?

An underground leak, as outlined in #1, can get so bad that the soil in your yard starts to get so sodden and soft that a particularly wet patch and even a sinkhole can form.

4. Drains gurgling?

Our baths all gurgle a little bit when you pull the plug, but you’ll probably notice the difference if a roots in pipes problem is worsening. So if your drain gurgling is starting to sound sinister, it could be the water trying to squeeze through a major concentration of tree roots.

5. Drains smelling?

Similarly, all of our drains sometimes smell a little ‘off’ to some degree now and then. But when that drain smell gets really foul what could be happening is that ordinary waste is starting to accumulate and mix with the tree roots – and the result can be quite pungent indeed!

6. Water pressure falling?

If you turn on the tap and you’re disappointed with how dismally low the water pressure is, a mass of tree roots in pipes could be the underlying cause.

Tree roots in sewer and other pipes – What next?

We’d like to tell you that there’s something easy you can do to improve the situation, but there are a couple of problems with that. Firstly, the Australian Plumbing Code basically forbids you from doing very much at all without being a fully licenced plumber. And most of the remedies you use for unblocking drain issues simply won’t work with a full-on tree root incursion short of digging up the ground, chopping up the roots and then repairing all of the pipe damage.

We’ve all got better things to do than amateur plumbing anyway, right? So if tree roots in pipes have become a major issue at your place, why not just give the blocked drain plumbers at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage a call straight away? As you can tell from the name, we rather enjoy getting stuck into your annoying tree root problems with the very best techniques and highly specialised equipment, such as:

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