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Is there a horrible smell coming from your kitchen sink? Perhaps your bathroom sink is taking forever to drain, or maybe there is an unusual gurgling sound coming from your bath. Whatever the issue, there’s a strong chance that it could be caused by a blocked drain.

The problem is that once you have a blockage, it doesn’t usually go away without help and therefore the issue is only likely to get bigger over time. Often it isn’t until a person finds that their toilet is backing up or they have an overflowing drain that they finally realise that something needs to be done.

But what causes a blocked drain in the first place. Here are 5 of the top reasons:

Debris and foreign objects

Without a doubt, the number one cause of blocked drains is due to foreign objects and debris. From fat deposits to food debris through to hair and face wipes, even a small blockage can cause a build-up of materials, which if not dealt with can escalate into a far bigger problem.

leaking gutter

Overflowing gutters and drains

Flash flooding or heavy rain

When drains are subjected to sudden torrents of water similar to those experienced during flash floods and torrential rain, objects such as leaves, mould, and soil that can build up naturally in drains get swept along with gallons of fast running water.

Unfortunately, storm pipes and vents are not designed to handle large amounts of water and debris, which could lead to issues like blocked stormwater drains and blocked downpipes. For this reason, it really does pay to get your drains cleared of debris on a regular basis.

Broken pipework

In some cases broken or crumbling pipework can stop the natural flow of drainage which in turn can cause blockages as the water starts to back-up. Broken pipework can be a result of too much water flowing through at any one time, like in the case of a flash flood. However, it can also be caused by invasive tree roots, age, or simply poor installation in the first place.

Badly installed pipework

During the last property boom in the early 2000s houses were being constructed pretty quickly to accommodate the growing number of home buyers. In order to turn a profit some building companies were cutting corners and as a result, many badly installed pipes were laid.

Many are only now coming to light as poorly constructed or even misaligned pipework starts to collapse and crumble causing blockages. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this can be a costly business.

Lack of gravity

Drainage relies on gravity to function effectively. If flow pipework isn’t laid on the correct slope or angled to allow the water to drain away easily, it can eventually cause a build-up of debris and particles which in turn will cause a blockage.

If you’re concerned that your drainage isn’t functioning as well as it should, then you need to contact Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage. With years of experience in dealing with drainage problems, we know how to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out just how we can help you.