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You may think things couldn’t be worse when a horrible experience at work, a sniffly nose, and a bad hair day all rolled into one. Well, here’s how it could get worse: You get home to discover toilet problems.

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and the need for a fully functioning toilet. If your personal throne is on the blink, you just want a straightforward explanation and an even more urgent remedy. We’re happy to oblige:

Toilet troubleshooting 101:

1. It won’t flush?

So you’ve whacked that button, and the result was a toilet not flushing properly.

Ask yourself: Does the flush button feel right? Is the water level sufficient in the cistern? Is the flapper installed properly, or is it bent or warped? It’s also possible that you’re dealing with a hopelessly blocked toilet. If so, proceed.

2. Is it blocked?

You’re in luck, because ‘how to fix a blocked toilet’ is an easy question to answer in 9 out of every 10 cases – simply go and grab that trusty old plunger. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to DIY a fix … and your friendly local plumbers are always just on the other end of that phone.

3. Is the cistern leaking?

A leaking cistern is another of those toilet issues you might be able to manage on your own – especially if you know about those rubber gaskets around the bolts and washers. It’s also possible that you need a new cistern outlet kit, but just make sure the replacement one is fully compatible.

4. Is the toilet itself leaking?

A leaking cistern is one thing, but a leaking toilet bowl? That’s something else. Unfortunately, a seal underneath the toilet itself has probably failed, and fixing it is not as simple as in #3. You may be able to stop the leak by simply tightening the floor bolts, but in many cases, you may need a new toilet.

5. Is it running?

A running toilet can really do your head in – especially when it’s in the ensuite and it’s 3 am. The keyword for the likely fix? The flapper. It probably just isn’t sealing, but it could also be a leak in the fill valve, which may be stopped with an adjustment to the float arm.

6. There’s no water at all?

A faulty or insufficient flush is bad enough, but what if there’s not a single drop in the tank? That actually sounds like a water supply problem rather than a toilet problem, so make sure the water supply valve is fully on – and then check if water is being supplied elsewhere in the building.

7. Is it wobbly?

It really depends on what’s wobbling. If it’s the toilet itself, and you’re getting sea-sick while you’re sitting on it, the flange connecting the toilet with the drain has gone out of whack with the floor – but the bolts might just need tightening. Hopefully, the wobbly issue is just the seat, and changing that out should take no more than two or three minutes and a spanner.

Call Brisbane’s best for a fast toilet problems fix

But we’ll be honest: there’s a lot of other things that could explain your misbehaving toilet as well! Whether it’s broken, wobbly, blocked, leaking or just plain annoying, there’s no one more experienced in every single toilet problem than Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage. Don’t let your naughty toilet get you down, and instead give our friendly team a call for toilet repair and replacement right now!