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Sure, there are a lot of different types of shower configurations these days – because who doesn’t want the ideal space for that long soak at the end of a hard day? Walk-in showers are all the rage, while waterfall and rainfall showers are designed for luxury. But did you know the options for shower drainage are actually just as vast – or even more so?

Obviously, you need that shower drain so that all that gushing water disappears as quickly as it hits the ground. But if you’re doing some renovations and you want something a little different or a little special for your bathroom drainage, give these shower drains some thought:

1. Point drain

So this is the really familiar one that’s been around for decades upon decades – a geometric-shaped drain that’s usually central in the shower floor and at the lowest point.

2. Linear drain

If a ‘point’ drain refers to the fact that the water all runs into a single ‘point’, then linear drains for showers should also be quite self-explanatory.

That’s because it’s linear – or in the configuration of a long, narrow line, although the length and narrowness obviously differs. But the surface area of the drain is larger than a point drain, with the entire floor sloped towards it for very efficient drainage.

Shaping the floor for linear drains is actually easier than with point drains, and there’s normally no need to cut up the tiles, either.

3. Decor drain

It’s important to understand that when it comes to shower drain types, there are really only two – and we’ve just outlined them above in #1 and #2.

Where the real fun comes in is picking the configuration and appearance of the one you select for your shower drain. Firstly, it’s about the grate style and finish – the part you see. And the great news is that the eye-catching options for ‘decor’ or decorative drains are nearly endless, and put a stop to the old notion that shower drains look purely functional and boring.

4. Invisible drain

Another option is a tiled shower drain, with the drain basically sitting underneath the exact same sort of tile as the rest of your shower floor. The water then drains away quite efficiently around the edges of the basically ‘invisible’ drain.

Explore all your shower drainage options

Ask your friendly bathroom renovation plumber, however, and they may have some much more technical answers to the types of shower drain covers suitable for your place – and you’ll hear terms like one-piece, three-piece and multi-piece. It also depends on your available or desired floor rate, expert recommendations for minimising the risk of clogging or drainage issues, and more.

Got any more questions about shower drains types – or are you ready to book in for a consultation with Brisbane’s drain plumbing experts? Our name says it all and we can take care of all of your other plumbing needs too, so get in touch with the professional Brisbane plumbers near me today.