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Hot water is essential in our daily activities. We need water to take a shower, clean dishes, cook, and do other household activities. Due to its integrated use, hot water bills can accumulate over time. But you can minimise these bills by finding a way to conserve the energy expended on these activities.

Rinnai offers a wide range of energy-efficient hot water systems that conserve water and optimises energy consumption. Rinnai produces both continuous flow and storage hot water systems. This article reviews the wide range of Rinnai hot water systems. Read on to see which one best meets your water needs.

When you finally decide on the best Rinnai energy-efficient products to buy, you can trust us to handle the installation and repairs of hot water units in Brisbane, Australia.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai hot water systems have been widely used among Australian owners for many years. Since the launch of the gas continuous flow hot water system, also called the Rinnai INFINITY, the brand has released more designs and models with advanced features and compatibility.

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems

rinnai hot water system troubleshooting

The Rinnai Infinity hot water system is the pioneer hot water system in the Rinnai line. The infinity hot water system is sophisticated, environmentally friendly, and power-efficient. Other features of the Rinnai Infinity hot water system include low emission burners, a Puretemp temperature control technology and water conservation technology. The latest model is the Rinnai INFINITY 26 Touch that optimises the temperature control technology.

Rinnai Instantaneous Hot Water System

The Rinnai instantaneous hot water system is the latest addition to their hot water system product range. The Instantaneous water system is compact, and it does not require a power-point. An instantaneous hot water system is suitable for homes that do not have a high demand for hot water.

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai solar hot water system uses solar energy to heat water; it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Rinnai solar hot water system collects solar energy through roof-mounted collectors. Solar hot water systems have a backup electric or gas booster that lasts for days with low solar energy gains. However, the best feature of this hot water system is the transfer of heated water to a storage tank until it is needed.

Prestige Range Hot Water Systems

prestige hot water system range

The Prestige Range hot water system uses Rinnai Prestige solar heater in place of a traditional electric storage water heater. The Rinnai Prestige solar heater is power efficient, reducing electricity consumption and running costs. The Rinnai Prestige solar system uses 444-grade stainless steel tanks to store hot water. They are available in a flat plate system, close-coupled system, and evacuated tube system tanks to suit user’s preferences.

Sunmaster Range Hot Water Systems

sunmaster rinnai hot water

The Sunmaster Range hot water system is the most affordable product of the Rinnai hot water system range. The Sunmaster range hot water system is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Like the prestige range hot water system, the Sunmaster Range also has flat plate systems, close-coupled systems, and evacuated tube system tanks.

Rinnai Solar Gas Booster Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai Solar Gas Booster Hot Water System uses a gas booster explicitly as a backup on days with low solar energy gains. The gas booster has a direct connection to the solar tank’s outlet line. This hot water system is power efficient because it only utilises the gas booster when hot water is in use.

Hot Water Storage Systems

Hot water storage systems provide tanks that store hot water for easy access at any point in time. Rinnai hot water system features gas hot water and electric hot water storage tanks and a heat pump water system. The storage units are available in both single and twin elements to suit your preferences.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

hotflo range

The Rinnai HOTFLO 4-star gas storage hot water system provides hot water when necessary. This gas storage system can deliver hot water to multiple taps simultaneously. It is power-efficient and optimises gas consumption. The gas storage hot water system also reduces energy usage and efficiently supplies hot water. The Rinnai HOTFLO gas storage hot water system is available in 135 and 170-litre storage capabilities to suit user’s preferences.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

rinnai electric storage

The Rinnai electric storage system is similar to the gas storage water system. But in this case, the system uses electric energy to power the storage system. The electric storage hot water system has brand names, HOTFLO and FLOWMASTER. Unlike the gas storage system, electric storage offers a broader range of storage capabilities between 25 litres and 400 litres. There is a size for every household!

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai HOTFLO electric heat pump hot water system is a power-efficient and eco-friendly hot water system. It uses less energy than electric hot water systems, saving you up to 25% off electric water bills. The Rinnai HOTFLO electric heat pump heats water using heat in the surrounding air without solar panels. The heat pump is also suitable for heating water both day and night.

Rinnai Hot Water Problems?

If you are having issues with your Rinnai hot water system, there are a few things you can look at before calling a plumber. Check out our Rinnai Hot Water Troubleshooting guide for more information.

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