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What started life as a pretty basic hole in the ground had by the year 1600 become something vaguely similar to the flushable toilets of today. And for the past 200+ years, apart from the utter transformation of human health thanks in great part to the hygienic modern toilet, not a lot changed between then and today when it came to the basic technological toilet design. A fundamental feature of the modern toilet is the inner rim – sometimes referred to in the industry as the ‘box rim’ bordering the upper edge of the bowl. It’s role, which performed its function remarkably well, helps to properly and evenly distribute the flushing water in an effective downward motion.

So what’s all this you’ve been hearing about the whiz-bang new rimless toilets, then?

What is a rimless toilet?

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you’ll notice that you can now choose between a traditional rim or a so-called rimless toilet. The most obvious difference is in the name itself – there simply isn’t a rim anymore. What that means is that the bowl is no longer bordered and separated from your tush at the uppermost edge.

Why would a rimless toilet be better?

So what’s the point in that? Well, just as the traditional toilet’s upper rim is all about the flush, the same is true of the sort of rimless toilets Australia is now embracing – it’s all about the flush. The idea is that when you hit the flush button on rimless toilets, the water is still propelled downwards but in an even more efficient way – just like a vortex or whirlpool.

Why is a vortex-like flush better though?

Yes, the vortex flush tends to be a more comprehensive flush, but that’s not the only benefit. In fact, the benefit most people will notice is just how much easier the rimless toilet is to get completely clean. Anybody who has cleaned a traditional toilet knows that getting the out-of-sight underside of the rim 100% clean, and guaranteed to be free of bacteria and other nasties, is basically impossible. Get rid of the rim, then, and the entire toilet can be thoroughly and easily cleaned.

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Surely there must be a downside?

The fact that the sort of rimless toilets Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage can install for you are now widely offered by the best manufacturers means that price isn’t really a differentiating consideration. So how about water efficiency? Again, it’s not a downside at all because new toilets these days come with a WELS star rating, allowing you to compare rival toilet technologies with extreme accuracy.

What if I prefer the traditional toilet range?

Again, rimless toilets have taken off in such a big way that the major manufacturers ensure that the style you fancy is almost certainly available in the rimless variety. All the different toilet types are also available in rimless, whether back-to-wall, wall-faced, wall-hung or any other toilet type.

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