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How to troubleshoot a Rheem Hot Water System?

If you are not getting any hot water, there are some simple ways in troubleshooting a Rheem hot water unit before you call in a professional. There are some problems that can be solved easily but for other tricky things, contact a licensed plumber.

Note: Before you do anything with your hot water unit, turn off the power/gas supply from the mains.

#1 – No hot water

Firstly, check the power supply to your hot water unit. Check if the safety switch is ON at your switchboard. Also, check your circuit breaker and fuse. If they are all working as expected, the problem could be because of high water demand.

#2 – Has your water demand increased?

Are you using a lot of hot water for showers or in appliances like washing machines or dishwashers? Longer showers or any change with the plumbing fixture may affect your hot water usage. One way to tackle this problem is by having shorter showers and conserving hot water. If you have already been doing this, consider upgrading the size of your hot water system.

#3 – Water flow is low

If the water flow is low, the unit may not be able to operate. Check if the supply of water is turned on and the shut-off valve is open. Also, check if you are getting a good flow of cold water from the taps.

If the water flow is low from all the fixtures, it could be due to a broken pressure regulator and you may need to contact a plumber to inspect the issue.

#4 – Water is too hot

Too much hot water can be a sign of a high setting on the thermostat. Adjust the temperature on the thermostat, if needed. Ensure it is not set lower than 60 degrees Celsius. If you cannot adjust the thermostat temperature, feel free to contact us.

#5 – Water leaks

If you can see a large amount of water around your unit, the cylinder may be leaking. Contact our emergency plumbers and we can have our hot water specialist at the door immediately.

#6 – No pilot light

It is common to have an extinguished pilot light on a gas hot water system. Check the gas supply from your mains and ensure the valve is turned on. Relight the pilot light and test the hot water supply after a couple of hours.

What maintenance can you do yourself on your Rheem hot water system?

Only perform general maintenance as specified in your owner’s guide. All other maintenance work should be performed by a licensed local plumber.

Signs your hot water needs repairs

  • Your hot water is brown in colour
  • You can hear popping, gurgling or bubbling sounds from your hot water unit
  • The pilot light is not working
  • The water is either too hot or too cold
  • Your hot water unit is leaking a lot of water
  • You keep running out of hot water
  • You are experiencing low hot water pressure

Rheem Hot Water System Error Codes

As the error codes may vary for the Rheem hot water systems, consult your product manual to identify the fault condition.

Some of the error codes for Rheem hot water systems are as follows:

Error Code Fault Condition
03 Filter damage
05 Dirt in the System
11 Ignition Failure
12 Flame Failure
14 Thermo Switch Off (150⁰C)
Overheat Thermistor temp. too high
16 System has exceeded safe temperature levels
22 Tip-Over switch operate
31 Fault in the water inlet temperature sensor
33 Overheat thermistor abnormal
62 Abnormal fan speed

For more information, check this troubleshooting guide from Rheem AU’s site.

Your Local Rheem Hot Water Experts

If you have any questions about the error code you can see in your hot water unit or need emergency repair services, give us a call. Our 24 x 7 emergency hot water experts can take care of your problem with fast response and quick turnaround time.