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When you’re laying back in the bath, reflecting on life’s little stresses, mould on the bathroom ceiling is the last thing you want to discover. If bathroom mould has become an issue at your place, don’t get too down about it – because you’re definitely not alone. Remember, if you’re going to get mould somewhere at home, it’s in your wettest and most humid room.

However, the thing about the bathroom is that, once those taps are off, it all tends to dry out – and you don’t have to worry too much about how to get rid of mould. Something, therefore, might be amiss – so let’s dig a little deeper into what’s going on.

But before we do that, let’s try to change the minds of anybody who might think mould in bathroom spaces is no big deal. Firstly, once mould gets a hold, it can be much harder to break the cycle. And even more important is that mould is not exactly harmless, as there are hazardous spores to breathe in, airways and asthma to inflame, and immuno-compromised people who can get very sick indeed.

How to prevent mould in bathroom

So if your bathroom mould problem isn’t so bad right now, our local Brisbane plumbers will talk about how to prevent your mould in bathroom from becoming a much bigger issue!

1. Ventilate

Even if the wet spots in your bathroom are drying up, it’s evaporating into the air – which is how it culminates with mould on your bathroom ceiling. So if you don’t already have an exhaust fan, install one straight away … and use it often! Opening a window during the day is also a good idea.

2. Light

Another thing mould hates is natural light – so don’t keep those curtains or blinds closed in there except when you need privacy. A really great idea is a skylight, and the bonus of that is you’ll save money by not turning on the light switch so often.

3. De-clutter

Another thing commonly associated with mould in bathroom problems is clutter. The issue isn’t the clutter itself, it’s the moisture that tends to cling to it all. So if your bathroom looks like a 16-year-old has just spent 5 hours in there, do yourself a favour and remove everything that you really don’t need to be constantly laying about. And to be extra sure, use a dry cloth to give the shower a quick wipe-down after each use – and give the bathroom a good clean and those towels a regular change.

4. Consider your plumbing

But all too often, it isn’t your fault at all that you’re dealing with bathroom mould. Time after time, plumbers make the connection between an obvious pipe leak and the equally-obvious signs of mould on bathroom walls, ceilings and other surfaces. And remember: just because you can’t see a pipe leak, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Brisbane’s best plumber can solve your bathroom mould problem

That’s why great plumbers put so much emphasis on the importance of regular or routine plumbing inspections. Here at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage, we invest a lot of time, money and attention on all the latest and best water leak detection equipment, technology, skills and techniques so that even the tiniest, hidden, long-term and unreachable of leaks and other problems are found, accessed and affordably rectified.

Wondering how to get rid of mould for good? Give your bathroom plumbing a clean bill of health by calling the friendly team at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage today.