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Any old fridge-freezer will keep your milk fresh and your ice frozen – but have you thought about stepping up to the next level? Perfectly chilled water ready to pour and perfectly frozen ice ready for that refreshing beverage is very much within your grasp if you choose a plumbed-in fridge for your next home, renovation or kitchen upgrade.

So often, we hear from people just like you who tell us that the only real reason they opted for a normal fridge over a plumbed fridge is because they had too many unanswered questions. A regular fridge just needs to be plugged in, while a plumbed fridge freezer presumably requires a professional local plumber, extra time and money and a whole lot of hassle. Right?

Not quite. You may be surprised just how easy, fast and affordable it is to get the plumbing for fridge devices done, which is why we’ve listened to all of your questions and exclusively answered the ones you really need to know about below:

1. Who needs to install your plumbed in fridge?

It may be tempting to learn how to plumb a fridge yourself, but there are plenty of reasons why that’s a bad idea. Almost all plumbing work except changing a tap washer requires a fully licensed plumber, and not just to satisfy Queensland’s regulations. Getting that installation wrong could either damage your expensive product or void the warranty, but the flood-prevention valves definitely need a plumber and compliance certificate.

2. Is learning how to plumb a fridge really that difficult?

A keen DIYer you may be, but that almost certainly doesn’t – and shouldn’t – extend to adding in new water supply lines and isolation valves. All necessary fittings and pipework must be done right, your handywork needs to be tested to prevent serious damage, special connectors may be needed for water filters, and your home insurer will not be happy if you try to make a claim for damage that using a plumber would have avoided.

3. Can I get a plumbed fridge without the plumbing?

The short and obvious answer is no – a plumbed-in fridge will require detailed installation work. However, there are fridge models on the market that feature water dispensers that don’t require an actual water connection, so it may be possible to get the feature you’re looking for without going the whole nine yards.

4. Can my plumbed fridge be plumbed-in anywhere?

What if your fridge location is unusual, or you’re looking to get it installed somewhere else – like a shed or an outdoor area? While this may make your fridge plumbing slightly more complex, a great plumber will always answer “yes” to your preferred fridge location. That’s because water lines can be run through your roof, dropped down a wall, or even situated beneath your feet or running through cabinets and cupboards. All you’ll need to check is that there is room for the stop tap, emergency valves and filter.

Need fast, affordable plumbed fridge-freezer plumbing?

Are you keen to get your plumbed in fridge up and running ASAP? It could be time for an upgrade, you’re preparing for a house build or you’re doing some kitchen renovations. No matter what, Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage can help with your plumbed fridge – and anything else a reputable local plumber could possibly help you out with in the kitchen and beyond. We’ve left kitchens all across the Brisbane region and beyond in tip-top shape with fast, guaranteed and affordable kitchen plumbing, so get in touch with Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage today for an immediate reply or quote.