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How much do you enjoy your daily bath or shower? It may seem like the obvious way to get clean and hygienic after a long and productive day, but maximising your enjoyment of regular baths and showers are also linked with decreased anxiety, increased energy, boosted energy and a confidence boost. But all of those benefits go straight down the drain if a blockage means the water cannot follow suit.

That’s right: a blocked bath or blocked shower drain doesn’t just disturb your daily soak, it could lead to water damage, burst or leaky pipes, or even health and safety issues if the resulting plumbing emergency is serious enough. It sounds like you need to know how to unblock a bath drain … now!

How to unblock a shower drain or bath drain

We know you’re here to learn how to unblock a bathroom drain at your place so you can reach for that rubber ducky once again, but we need to start with a quick “tut tut” – have you been looking after your drains? If not, naughty-naughty – because a blocked shower drain almost certainly didn’t develop overnight.

Luckily, most of our blocked bath drain remedies work not just for a post-blockage remedy, but also as a pre-blockage preventative measure. So if your blockage prevention routine has fallen off the radar, read on: and consider doing one or more of the following things whether you have a blocked shower drain or not!

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1. Start with water … very hot water

While not always perfectly effective, it’s certainly the best place to start – by flicking on the kettle.

That’s because your blocked bath or shower drain could be something as simple as a build-up of soap scum – and a little visit from boiling hot water could send it on its way. So just wait until the water is a few degrees below the boiling actual point (so as not to damage your pipes), and pour it in.

2. Now take the plunge

If you don’t already have a plunger under the bathroom sink, here’s the best news you’ll hear today – buying one will only cost a few bucks! Don’t be shy to unload some serious plunging effort after ensuring the seal over the drain is complete and tight, and you may just draw out a blockage that’s not too far from the top.

3. Want some vinegar with that?

If you love white vinegar with your fish n chips, you’re about to discover another awesome use for this versatile clear liquid. Vinegar is essentially just acetic acid, which is particularly good at eating through the sort of organic gunk build-up typical with a blocked shower drain. First, we’re going to start with another pantry staple – a cup of baking soda – which you’re going to pour down the blocked bath drain first. Follow up with a cup of vinegar, and let it bubble and fix for a while before washing it all down with another kettle of super-hot water.

4. Get in that drain!

Now, we don’t mean dive in head-first … but we are talking about how to unblock a bath with your hands. Simply get that drain cover off, and see how much of your hand you can carefully pry inside to fish out some blockage gunk. If that’s a losing struggle, unfurl a wire coat hanger and use that as a hook, or bite the bullet and head to the local hardware store for a simple and inexpensive drain snake.

5. Let rip with the chemicals

No joy yet? Curse that blocked shower drain! You may think as a last resort to go shopping for household drain-specific chemical cleaners and unblockers. We don’t recommend it, so if you do, be careful to read those instructions carefully because some of those chemicals are quite harsh indeed. And that applies not only to your skin and eyes but to your precious drains as well.

Bonus tip #6 – Call in the professionals

But let’s face it: learning how to unblock a bath may seem simple, but we all know deep down that only the professionals have all the specialised skills, training, qualifications and – most importantly – the on-the-job experience to really fix each and every simple and complex bathroom drain blockage.

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