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A leaking toilet – one of the most annoying bathroom issues that can happen. Whether your toilet is leaking from the bottom or is running consistently, it can be frustrating and also not so great for the environment.

To try and help you out of that messy leaking toilet situation, we have collected some of the reasons why your toilet may be leaking, and how to fix it. If you are in doubt, or uncomfortable about completing any plumbing works, give Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage a call on 1300 616 203 and we would be happy to assist further.


There is a range of things that may be causing your toilet to have issues, whether it’s a blocked toilet or a leaking one, below we have listed common leaking toilet issues.

The cistern washer

A super common cause of a leaking toilet is the washer in the cistern needs replacing. This can be done yourself or a plumber can do it for you – your choice! We have included the DIY steps below if you’d like to give it a go.

The water valve

Check the tank and see if the water is up to the waterline. If the water level is below the waterline, this means the float may require adjustment. To ensure the tank is filled up properly, the water valve must always be turned on all the way.

The float valve

If you’ve tried the above already, take a look at the float valve and test to see if it is turning off properly. Try tugging upwards on the

float and, if the running stops, this can be for two reasons:

  • The inlet valve may require replacing; or
  • The level of the float may need altering.

The flapper

If the flapper in your toilet is stuck open, this can result in water constantly leaking into the bowl. It usually only needs a small adjustment to get it back to where it needs to be, however, if it appears to be old, the seal has worn or has sediment built upon it, it may require replacing.

The drainage system

If you believe that the leak is coming from between the toilet and the floor, this is more tricky. This will likely require the whole toilet to be moved, as it may be a problem with the toilet or sewer drainage system. Do not attempt to do this yourself – get a professional for this one!

The flush pipe seal

Last, but certainly not least, the flush pipe seal may be broken if the leak is coming from higher up. The flush pipe seal is located between the tank and the bowl and may need replacing due to wear and tear. This can be a tricky job, so we recommend getting in a plumber to help out.


leaking toilet

If you think the washer in the cistern needs replacing (a common toilet repair request), follow the below steps to replace it.

What you will need

Screwdriver, pliers, a new washer.

The steps

Step 1: The water

Turn off the tap that sends water to the toilet.

Step 2: The flush

Remove the toilet lid and flush the toilet – no water should make its way back into the bowl. If it does, the wrong tap has been turned off in Step 1!

Step 3: The outlet valve

Find the outlet valve, which should be in the middle of the cistern as you look downwards.

Step 4: The replacement

Unscrew the nuts under the cistern – the bottom one you should be able to do by hand, but the top one will require pliers. Once you have done this, remove the outlet valve and replace the washers that are inside – this can be done by using a screwdriver to pop them out and them place new ones back in. Then you will need to place the outlet valve back into the toilet again.

Step 5: The water returns

Now it is time to turn the water back on, allow the cistern to refill and then flush your toilet to see if the issue is fixed!


If you find that the above steps do not help with your leaking toilet issues, call a professional! Instead of trying to decipher what is wrong with your toilet, give your local Brisbane plumber a call and they will be able to assist. They have the experience, tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently take a look and locate the issue. You know it’s getting done right when you get a professional too!