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Although we don’t always remember it, the hot water system in your home is working hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you have hot water whenever you need it. From hot showers to ensuring your dishwasher has hot water to turn on the hot tap in the laundry room, hot water plays a huge role in everyday life. So, how does your hot water system actually work?

What are the different types of hot water systems?

There are 5 main types of hot water systems available to Australian homes and businesses:

  • Electric storage hot water systems.
  • Gas storage hot water systems.
  • Instant gas hot water systems.
  • Heat pump hot water systems.
  • Instant electric hot water systems.

How do hot water systems actually work?

How a hot water system works depends on its type, as they all have the same end goal – heat up the water that is going to your tap. However, a general explanation of how each system works can be found below.

Electric storage hot water systems

Over 50% of the Australian population use electric storage hot water systems, making them the most common choice on the market. They are known to be energy-hungry and not-so-eco-friendly, using large amounts of electricity to heat up water stored in the tank. Many brands however are stepping up to create energy-efficient storage options which make upgrading or replacing your current hot water heater with a new system easy. Learn more about electric storage hot water systems here and a more detailed explanation of how an electric storage hot water system works.

Gas storage hot water systems

Gas storage systems are a more energy-efficient option than traditional electrical storage systems, offering fast reheat times and either LPG or natural gas choices. Gas storage hot water systems are also very reliable, making them a solid choice for many family homes. Learn more about gas storage hot water systems here and a more detailed explanation of how gas storage hot water systems work.

Instant gas hot water systems

Instant gas hot water systems only heat water when you need it, as opposed to wasting energy heating water in storage tanks. It runs on gas, either LPG or natural, and has a range of benefits – especially for those who are already connected to a gas main. Learn more about instant gas hot water systems here and as well as finding more info on how instant gas hot water systems work.

Heat pump hot water systems

Heat pump hot water systems use a system similar to a reverse air conditioner to draw ambient warmth from the air outside to heat water. These highly energy-efficient units provide an easy, environmentally friendly upgrade from a conventional electric hot water system, potentially reducing your hot water bills by up to 30%. Learn more about heat pump hot water systems here and find out how does a heat pump hot water heater works.

Instant electric hot water systems

Instant electric hot water systems, also known as continuous flow, tankless, or instantaneous systems, offer a space-saving and energy-efficient water heating option. Water is heated as and when you need it, with Zip and Stiebel Eltron being the two major brands offering instant electric hot water in your home or workplace. Learn more about instant electric hot water systems here as well as how instant electric hot water systems work.

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