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When it comes to hot water in your home or workplace, you likely take it for a granted a little – we certainly do! Turning on the kitchen tap and having hot water flow out, or turning on your shower for a nice warm shower are all things that we do on a daily basis.

But have you ever wondered what temperature your hot water system should be set at? Our hot water plumbers can help – keep reading or give us a call on 1300 616 203 for further information and assistance.

What regulates water temperature in Queensland?

The Plumbing Code of Australia is the regulatory paperwork that regulates what temperature hot water should be.

What temperature should your hot water be stored at?

If you have a storage hot water system, your hot water should be kept to a minimum of 60°C, to avoid the growth of Legionella. Legionella is a bacterium that can make people very sick, causing Legionnaires disease. The bacterium thrives in wet and/or damp environments and is not transferred between people – it is transferred through the mist, such as aircon. Legionnaires disease is a type of severe pneumonia. People who smoke, who have a chronic illness or weakened immune systems and/or those over 50 can get particularly ill from Legionnaires disease.

What temperature should your water be delivered at?

Generally, your water should be delivered to your tap at around 50°C, as the storage temperature of 60 degrees would likely cause scalds. There are a few exceptions to this, however:

  • Early childhood centres require a thermostatic mixing valve (a ‘TMV’) to ensure that water from the tap does not exceed 45°C.
  • Schools are the same – they also require a TMV to ensure water from taps is not higher than 45 degrees.
  • Nursing homes, as well as any facilities that care or cater for the disabled, aged, young or sick, all must have TMVs and for water to leave the tap at 45°C.
  • Alternatively, certain sections of your home may need hotter water, such as for dishwashers or washing machines, to efficiently complete tasks. In this case, the water may be delivered at around 60°C.

A tempering valve can be fitted to control the temperature of the hot water delivered to certain areas of your home.

Do you need a TMV?

There are two different options that can be installed in your home to monitor hot water delivery – a TMV and a tempering valve. In accordance with the Australian Standards (AS3500), a tempering valve must be installed on pipe feeding areas in all homes across Brisbane, helping to regulate the temperature of hot water for personal hygiene, such as showers. Alternatively, a TMV can be fitted. It carries out the same job but is more accurate than a tempering valve, making them the device of choice for nursing homes, schools, and hospitals.

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