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What to do in case your hot water system is leaking?

Can you see water dripping from your hot water system? The water leaks often go unnoticed and you might not realise you have a problem until later when you have no hot water at all. So what should you do if your hot water system is leaking? Read on to find out the causes of leakage and what you can do to prevent the water leak.

Common causes of water leakage in a hot water heater

  1. Temperature and pressure release valve – The function of the pressure valves is to maintain pressure in the water tank. The valves normally release small amounts of water in order to maintain the pressure. But if it is releasing too much water, it could be due to the accumulation of dirt and damaged seal. Luckily, it is an easy part to replace and will increase the life of your hot water system. Contact your local plumbers and get it fixed by a hot water specialist.
  2. Tank – Damage in the internal parts of the tank or corrosion can lead to fractures. This leads to a high volume of water leakage. If you can see a lot of water dripping steadily out from your hot water system, call a local plumber immediately.
  3. Pipe Fittings – Pipes can loosen up over time leading to water leaks. The pipe fittings can usually be repaired or replaced depending on the problem.
  4. Water Pressure – In this case, if the system water leaks because of water high pressure in the area, it can be fixed by installing a pressure limiting valve. ‍

What to do in case of a hot water leak?

  1. Identify the source of water leak – Check your hot water system and see if the leakage is from the bottom or top. The source of the leak could also be due to the pressure/temperature relief valve (T&P valve) or loose pipe fittings.
    • Leak from T&P valve – To clear any blockage, lift the lever on the valve 4-5 times. It might release the blockage and the leak might stop. However, if it is still leaking, call a hot water repair specialist or plumber.
    • Leak from the top – Water leaks from the top might be due to reasons like T&P valve, loose pipe fittings, tank or cold water inlet valve.
    • Leaks from the bottom – The common sources for the water leak are drain valves and the T&P valve.
    • Turn off the water supply & power to the hot water system
  2. Turn off the water supply at the hot water system
    • Turn off the water supply at the hot water system – The tap is located on the bottom of the system. Turn off the water supply to ensure water doesn’t leak anymore. If the pipe has corroded or you can’t turn it off, turn off the main water supply instead.
    • Turn off the main water supply – If you can’t turn off the water supply at the hot water system, turn off the main water supply until your local plumber arrives to fix the problem. For apartments or units, it is usually under the kitchen sink or laundry room. If it is a house, it could be in the front yard or along the side of your house. Turn off the lever and disconnect the water supply to your house. Prior to doing this, it’s a good idea to fill up some bottles and buckets with water as you won’t get any water supply in your house.
  3. Decide on the course of action – Depending on the problem, either you would need to repair or replace the hot water system. If your hot water system is old, it might be better to replace the hot water system. Hot water repairs are also possible depending on the extent of the problem.
  4. Call your local plumbers – Problems with a leaking hot water system can often cause bigger problems. Although you can figure out the reason for the leak, it is best to get it fixed with hot water professional. Our plumbers are experts in hot water system repairs and replacement services. We can identify the source of the leaks, recommend the best solution to you. We also do all kinds of repairs and maintenance to all types of hot water systems. Have a hot water leak? Call Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage on 1300 616 203 now.