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Now that we have covered the types of hot water systems, now it’s time to move on to hot water system costs (if you missed out on the types of hot water units, see Types of Hot Water Systems for a catch-up). Between the ever-increasing price of non-renewable energy sources, the fact that water heating accounts for over 25% of total household energy usage and your system will hopefully be a part of your home for 8-12 years, the costs associated with purchasing and running a hot water system are as important as ever.

There are three major costs you should consider when researching hot water systems – installation costs, running costs and environmental costs. Each has its own importance and, depending on the unit that you choose will affect your pocket in differing ways. Use this as a guide only though, as your location and personal circumstances may affect pricing structures.

Installation costs

The first cost that most people look at is the purchase and installation costs of a hot water system. This is because it is the first amount of money that comes from your pocket, and can sometimes be a little more than you originally thought. In saying this, a lot of systems with price upfront costs are generally able to make that amount up, plus more, in the long run.

hot water system installation cost chart

Running costs

The next consideration is running costs – if you are going to have a hot water system for 10 years or more, you want to know how much it is going to cost to run each year. The below graph should be used as a guide only and doesn’t take into account future electricity price increases.

energy running cost chart

Hot Water Running Costs over a 10 year period. Graph obtained from Thermann

Environmental costs

Last but not least, there is the environmental component to consider. Hot water systems have an environmental cost, also called their CO₂ impact, that affects their overall costs. The table below sets out the estimated greenhouse gas emissions in kilograms per year for each kind of system.

greenhouse gas emission chart

Graph obtained from Canstar Blue

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