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They say that if you become a plumber, you’ll never be out of work, but is this really true? After all, the plumbing profession (just like many other trades such as electricians, builders and carpenters) is being flooded with ‘bob-a job’ types who can often undercut a true professional and in theory, put them out of business.

The good news is that (well…for the professional plumber anyway) cheap doesn’t always mean good and as a plumbing business is built on reputation, being professionally trained, insured, and licensed can count for a lot.

From a customer’s point of view too, many people agree that a professional plumber is a great person to know and this is certainly true when they have a major plumbing crisis. However, what about when the problem isn’t an emergency and they have an annoying dripping tap or a small leaking pipe? Who do they call then?

burst and leaking pipe

Leaking Pipe

Chances are that they’ll call on Fred from across the road who hasn’t had any formal professional training but instead has fixed a few pipes in his time. The reason… because he’s much cheaper.

No disrespect to our fictional Fred character of course, but hiring him to carry out the job may be a really bad move and here’s why… Let’s say that Fred did indeed fix the leaky tap or pipework and their customer/neighbour handed over their hard-earned cash and was happy with the job. Great!

However, what the customer didn’t know (and Fred too for that matter) is that it was a pressure build-up somewhere else that caused the pipe to leak or the tap to drip and it’s just a matter of time before things get a whole lot worse and a whole lot wetter. The icing on the cake, insurance companies are very happy to deny claims for problems caused by unlicensed plumbing work. It’s not worth the risk.

How can a professional plumber help?

‍By calling in a formally trained and licensed professional there’s every chance that the root cause of the problem would have been picked up. Yes, it may cost the customer more money in fees and fault finding, but chances are they wouldn’t have to stump up for the impending carnage that our fictional character Fred failed to spot.

The moral of the story…

‍A professional plumber isn’t just for plumbing emergencies. Instead of calling them in to deal with smaller problems too just might save you a whole load of hassle and expenses in the long term.

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