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There’s nothing worse than having the tantalising aromas of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee being overpowered by the unpleasant smells emanating from your kitchen sink. If this is the case it’s time to investigate what is going on in your drain as chances are you just might have a blockage.

Who’s responsible for a blocked drain?

As a property owner if the blockage occurs within the boundary of your property, then you’re responsible for clearing it. If the clog is located outside the property on council land, then it’s the job of the council or water company. This is why it’s important to locate the blockage.

By far the best and most successful way to do this is to put a CCTV drain camera down the drain system. A reputable plumbing and drainage company will be able to provide this service and also give you a detailed report as to the best course of action to clear or repair the drain.

DIY drain clearing

There are also a number of drain cleaning products on the market some of which are pretty potent. Many will clear the initial blocked drain problem but few will stop it from returning.

If you’re adamant you don’t want to use harsh chemicals then how about taking the biological route and use an enzyme cleaner. These preventative products break down the grease and fat that can build up in your drain leading to odours and eventually blockages. What’s more, by using products like these on a regular basis they’ll keep drains sweet-smelling and free from blockage.

That said, prevention is always going to be better than cure, so with this in mind, here are some tips you should and shouldn’t be doing if you don’t want a nasty whiff coming from your kitchen sink.

  • Install a strainer in the plug area in order to catch any food particles or hairs that may otherwise block drains.
  • When disposing of excess cooking fat and grease, allow it to cool and place it in the bin. Never pour it down the sink.
  • Don’t dispose of any paints or non-cooking oils down the sink either as they’ll have the same effect.
  • Do have an established and trusted plumber check your pipework for leaks on a regular basis and sort out any problems immediately. Don’t leave them to build up.

If you do have a nasty smell coming from your drains and simple DIY techniques won’t eradicate it, then call in Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage. We’re a rapid response plumbing and drainage company serving the people and businesses of Brisbane and the surrounding areas. For a seriously competitive quote then why not give us a call today. You’ll be glad that you did!