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Has your shower gone stone-cold because your hot water system is shot? Do you have the choice between bottled or mains gas on the one hand and electricity on the other? Well, here’s the really good news – in this cluttered and highly competitive hot water market, the choice and the power really is in your hands. But which one wins the day in the contest of gas vs electric hot water?

The slightly-less-good-news is that this question really isn’t a trivial one at all. And why? Because every single household is different. And because heating water for your baths, showers and dishes accounts for an incredible 25-40 percent of every household’s average energy costs. Yep: that’s an awful lot of money.

So in that gas hot water vs electric battle, we’re going to need to break down the options into some detail:

Let’s start with electric

We need to start with electric hot water systems – because that’s where we started in terms of modern hot water systems. It’s only in the last several years that we started to consider an electric water heater vs gas, for very simple reasons: gas is cheaper, and gas is more environmentally friendly.

How about instant electric?

But while we’re all familiar with those simple and affordable electric systems that we grew up with, there’s now another option to consider – instant electric.

Instantaneous or ‘continuous flow’ hot water systems are still powered by electricity, but there’s no tank. Basically, these sleek systems only heat water after you turn on the tap, making them quite a bit more economical. Better yet, because there’s no tank, you’ll literally never run out of water.

Don’t forget heat pumps!

But wait … there’s more! Some of the latest and greatest hot water technology on the market, despite a slightly higher ticket price, is likely to pay you back over time with much lower ongoing operating costs. We’re talking about electric heat pump hot water systems, which work like a fridge in reverse.

Yes, they make a little more noise than a standard electric system, but if you want to go ‘greener’ without going ‘solar’, give heat pumps a close look.

Now let’s explore gas

So what about gas hot water systems? Well, it’s certainly a very solid rival for electricity, with both storage and instantaneous options to go with those low-emissions and high-efficiency benefits. And if you’re not on mains gas, you could always get bottles.

But which is cheaper?

It’s true that a gas unit is typically a little more to purchase and have fitted than electric – but it’s marginal. Lower ongoing running costs of gas pretty much immediately offset the extra anyway.

So what’s the verdict – gas or electric hot water?

So whether you’re new to the hot water game, or you’re looking to switch from gas to electric or from electric to gas, there’s always a lot to consider when making the right choice for your circumstances, lifestyle and budget.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your energy options?
  • How happy were you with your previous unit?
  • How much space do you have for your system?
  • How many people will use the hot water, and how?

With the answers to these questions ready, why not get in touch with Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage for your new hot water system installation? We won’t just give you the benefit of our hands-on experience with all hot water technologies, brands and options, we can get your new system fitted and producing reliable and steaming hot water before you know it. Get in touch with our local Brisbane plumbers today.