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Since 1915, Dux has been responsible for tons of research and development in the hot water industry. Aside from manufacturing a wide range of hot water systems, the brand is especially committed to helping customers meet their hot water needs safely, economically, and consistently.

Are you looking to get a Dux hot water system for your household? Read on for some recommendations from our local plumbers in Brisbane.

Dux Continuous Flow Hot Water (Condensing)

The key feature of this model is that it delivers hot water on request, helping you save considerably on gas bills. Thanks to its advanced condensing technology with over 90% thermal efficiency, you will always have hot water for use. This model is 6.7-star rated, with a corrosion-resistant secondary heat exchanger. The heat exchanger in this compact-sized hot water system has a 12-year warranty, while there is a 3-year warranty on labour and parts. These units come in a 21L capacity and 26L capacity respectively.

Dux Continuous Flow Hot Water (Non-Condensing)

This is another gas hot water system providing instant hot water, helping you save more on gas bills. The rating of this compact-sized system is 6-star or higher, and there is a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 3-year warranty on labour and parts. It comes in the following capacities:

5 Star Gas Storage Hot Water

The 5-star gas storage hot water is equipped with a new burner technology, offering faster recovery rates and increased hot water production. The replacement is quite easy, thanks to the identical footprint with an existing 3-star gas storage unit. The installation is simple – there are water connections on either side of the tank. The same pressure as the mains is maintained all through. Asides from the 5.3-star energy efficiency rating, you get a 10-year tank and flue warranty and 1-year full labour and parts. This unit comes in two sizes: the 135L storage tank and the 170L storage tank.

4 Star Gas Storage Hot Water

These models’ first-hour capacity and recovery rates are remarkable, matching that of the old 3-star models. The systems are equipped with a new burner technology that guarantees faster recovery rates and more hot water. The systems also provide a full flow mains pressure delivery, a 7-year warranty on the tank and flue, and one year supply of parts and labour. This unit comes in two sizes: the 135L storage tank and the 170L storage tank.

Dux Proflow Electric Storage Hot Water

You can install these Proflow hot water systems outdoor or indoor. The installation is seamless, with water connections on either side. All the connected taps deliver water at full flow pressure. You get a cleaner, modern look with the elegant white finish of the 25L and 50L models. The tank comes with a 7-year warranty, alongside a full year of parts and labour warranty.

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump

If you are interested in a hot water system that works without solar collectors, then the heat pump hot water unit from Dux is the way to go. The one-piece system sports a compact design that makes installation seamless. The Airoheat is equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities that eliminate the need for a backup element. The inbuilt Hotlogic controller keeps the Airoheat running even in cold climates.

Dux Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water

This model sports a split system design, with the tank on the ground. The sensor vitreous enamel tank has a multi-temperature configuration. The black chrome selective surface collectors are efficient. The proprietary Hotlogic processor works by searching for and activating the cheapest energy source available. If the solar gain is low, the mid-height element steps in to boost hot water production.

Dux Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

This is a mains pressure hot water, equipped with a low megajoule consumption burner. An inbuilt proprietary panel management system safeguards the system from overheating and frost damage in the summer and winter, respectively. When you get this model, you can rest assured of complete compliance with the new solar legislation.

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