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Which room at your place is your sanctuary? For so many people, it’s the bathroom – because after a long day, you can lock the door, immerse yourself in luxury, and soak up that steaming hot water. Over the past few years, as many people stayed home rather than ventured out, you can imagine just how many people spiced up their favourite room with a much-needed elegant bathroom renovation overhaul. And our prediction for the big shower trend of 2023? That’s simple: the doorless shower.

Have you considered a no door shower?

In the past, the key to a truly luxurious bathroom was a claw-foot, free-standing, deep and elegant freestanding bath. But did you know that 9 out of 10 people prefer a shower over a bath? It’s therefore no surprise that elegant and eye-catching open showers are now dominating the luxury market – and it’s about much more than simply ditching that glass, door or curtain. The doorless shower goes all the way back to Roman times, and for good reason: it’s simple, convenient, and basically only really requires some clever thinking in the drainage department before you’re ready to embrace your brand new walk-in shower and soak up the elegance.

Keen to embrace the boldness and simplicity? Ready to slash your cleaning routine more than in half? Desperate to soak up the unmistakable luxury of doorless showers? Here’s how to embrace the clear winner in the uber-modern shower trends of 2023 with the very best doorless shower ideas:

1. Keep it simple

More specifically, keep those lines clean, keep the materials high quality, and keep that design truly streamlined. What we mean about ‘streamlined’ is that the walls, floor and even the ceiling can be finished in the very same elegant material or colour, and that any shelves and benches are fully integrated for a serious elegance-meets-Space-Age look.

2. Prioritise the drainage

Remember, there’s no door, screen, curtain – nothing. That’s the essence of showers without doors, but you simply must ensure that the water is contained where it should be. For starters, consider raised edges around the shower floor base, but it’s really all about the ideal drainage gradient towards those seamless shower drains, without spillage and pooling. All that water obviously needs to be contained to the actual shower area, so make sure all these are ticked off:

  • Waterproofing
  • Floor gradients
  • Water spray radius considerations.

3. Consider an accent wall

The beauty of the screenless shower, the doorless shower, the curtain-less shower, is that it really does invite you to maximise the aesthetics of your new space. So why not add a touch of drama? We think one of the best ways to do this is with a feature or accent wall, which will contrast against the rest of the open space. Don’t be shy to explore your artistic side to really make your new eye-catching no-door shower pop.

4. Say ‘bye-bye bath’

Even with a small bathroom space, showers without doors are still a possibility. But it may not really be worth all the bother without making it grand and spacious – bigger than the average shower cubicle you’re used to. So have you considered ditching the bath altogether? You’ll take the style options to the moon and back even in a small bathroom by forgoing the tub and making your doorless shower the centrepiece of your bathroom renovation in Brisbane.

5. Or integrate the bath instead

Does the idea of a shower integrated with a bath remind you of a cheap-rent, super-practical but luxury-less solution? Expand your thinking by considering a grand open shower design that has enough space in there for a luxurious freestanding bath. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the bath gets wet while you delight in the vastness of your doorless shower, as long as you get the drainage right. And just imagine laying back in that claw-foot bath while your partner chats to you from the very same space under the open shower. No joke, it might just be our favourite among all of those bright doorless shower ideas.

Showers without doors are our speciality!

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