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When you’re soaking up the steam under the shower, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about brands. But if the brand you chose is reliably churning out hot water each time you turn on the tap, that’s because it earned a reputation for performance, value for money and durability. So in this Australian hot water review, we’re going to take a closer look at the very best hot water system brands fitted to homes in Brisbane and beyond – and whether there are any stand-out systems you simply must consider.

What is Brisbane’s best hot water system brand?

Great hot water brands are about more than just reliably hot water for a decent price. The best hot water system brands Australia wide got to their high perch because of:

  • The way they treat customers
  • Their values, vision & mission
  • The way they establish trust
  • The way they inspire trust
  • How they stack up against the competition.

Here at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage, we’re passionate about our customers – which makes us passionate about Australian hot water systems too! So what is the best hot water system brand, we hear you ask? Let’s get straight into it:


rheem logo best hot water system brands

Undoubtedly one of the most recognised hot water system brands in Queensland and beyond, but that’s no surprise – they’ve been doing what they do Down Under since 1937. Throw in some solid Aussie BHP steel and an incredible lineup of modern, efficient hot water technologies and options, and ‘Install a Rheem’ certainly seems like great advice. Want to know more? Then check our Rheem hot water system review!

Our pick: RheemPlus 5 Star 295 gas hot water system. Combine 5-Star energy efficiency with an amazing 305L first-hour capacity, and every family will love this unit.


rinnai logo

Like Rheem, everyone has heard of Rinnai – a Japanese brand that bases its Aussie operations in Victoria. Our best memory of the brand is when Rinnai changed Australian hot water forever in the early 90s, when the first continuous flow systems hit the market. Know more about this brand in our Rinnai hot water system review!

Our pick: Infinity 26. This is probably Australia’s favourite instantaneous hot water system, complete with an amazing 6-Star rating – making it the most efficient continuous flow system on the market.


hot water system brands dux

With more than 100 years of brand history, Dux still focus on the basics that everyone cares about – quality, reliability, safety and value for money, without ever stopping the push for innovation. Learn more in our Dux hot water system review.

Our pick: Airoheat 250L Heat Pump. It can be difficult to find a really great heat pump system in Australia, but this system is the perfect choice for going down the ‘green’ road without needing to think about solar panels.


At just 32 years of age, AquaMax is a comparative baby in the Aussie hot water market. But while younger and smaller than the brands listed above, this true-blue Australian brand is an award winner that continues to stun by smashing the country’s minimum energy performance standards. Learn more about them in our AquaMax hot water unit review.

Our pick: G270SS Gas Storage System. One of AquaMax’s latest and best in the premium Stainless Steel range, this unit is almost a full 30% above the minimum energy performance standards.


thermann logo

Even younger than AquaMax, Thermann really is a baby, having not even turned a decade old. But who cares about that, because this 100% Australian-owned brand has clawed its way up with lightning speed to become the fastest growing hot water brand in both Australia and New Zealand. Want to know more about Thermann? Then check out our Thermann hot water review.

Our pick: Electric Boosted Solar. Available in 3 capacities, and even giving you the choice of element position, this is the solar system you want if you want the peace of mind of an efficient electric tank for when the sun’s not shining.

So what’s the best Australian hot water service?

That’s our favourite 5, but now for the moment of choice – what is the best hot water system brand overall? In all honesty, it’s almost impossible to pick, especially when you consider that our Brisbane hot water repair experts also love to service and install Vulcan, Stiebel Eltron and Zip systems. At the end of the day, the best hot water system brands are always the ones that are best for you – your lifestyle, your home, your family size & habits, your technology preferences, and of course your budget.

Here at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage, we’ve also built up a brand that is synonymous with quality workmanship, affordability and customer care – which means we’d love to help you choose which Australian hot water systems will work best for your needs. Contact our local Brisbane plumbers today – we can’t wait to hear from you!