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If you find yourself wading through your kitchen ankle deep in water, then it’s pretty obvious you’ve got a problem and therefore calling out a plumber near you is a bit of a no-brainer. However, what about when the signs of a potential plumbing problem aren’t quite so blatant? When should these ‘more subtle’ signs be taken seriously? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Bad smells

If you are continually experiencing a general bad smell coming from the drains and can’t find the source of it then you could potentially have a sewer problem. A healthy plumbing system is designed to trap or vent smells away from the house. Although some pretty ghastly odours can emanate from sewers, the thing to note is that the foul-smelling stench that’s permeating your house can also be pretty toxic.

Therefore if you have a nasty smell which lingers for longer than a day or two contact your local licenced plumber to get to the bottom of your smelly drain problem.

2. Blocked drains

We’ve all experienced a blocked drain at some point. Chances are that to deal with it you’ve gone to your local hardware store, purchased a bottle of drain cleaner and emptied it down the drain. Then you’ve waited 15 minutes or so, given it a quick (careful!) plunge and bingo – problem solved.

However, what if the problem returns after a few days or weeks. Should you go through the same process again? Of course, you shouldn’t.

The reason being that it smacks of further problems deeper into your drain system and no amount of plunging and bottles of ‘super clog buster’ is going to eradicate it. Therefore it’s time to pick up the phone and call a plumber. They’ll have all the necessary equipment to get to the bottom of your drain problem once and for all.

3. An annoying leak you didn’t know you had

So you open up your water bill only to find it exceptionally high. The problem is that no one’s been using any more water than normal. This indicates that you could well have a hidden water leak.

A skilled plumber can trace their way around your plumbing system using specialised leak detection equipment until they’ve located the source of the leak, thus saving you loads of money in the long run.

4. Running out of hot water

If your hot water system just doesn’t cope anymore you could be in need of an upgrade or repairs. Whether it’s a gas, electric, solar, or heat pump hot water unit, unless you’re a qualified plumber or electrician, you shouldn’t really be tinkering about with it. Even if you consider yourself relatively handy and have some rudimentary skills, that is one job that you should always leave to the professionals.

So there you have it! Four warning signs that you really shouldn’t ignore.

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