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The experienced team at Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage offer specialist leak detection services throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. Unexplained high water bill? Odd water puddles in the garden? Unusual mould growth on an internal wall? All these signs (see more below) can be a sign you have a water leak or burst pipe. Contact our team today for fast leak detection and repairs.

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Signs you have a water leak

Due to the tucked away nature of your homes plumbing systems it’s often difficult to know you have a problem until your water bill skyrockets. There is, however, subtle signs you can keep an eye out for which could be an indication of a leaking water pipe. These include:

  • Constant wet areas in the lawn or garden - this could be a puddle or just boggy soil
  • Damp spots on the walls or ceiling - also peeling paint, discolouration, warping, flaking plaster
  • Areas of mould growth - pay special attention to walls adjoining wet areas like the bathroom, laundry, or kitchen.
  • Unusual growth - is there one tree or plant or one section of your garden which grows much faster than anywhere else?
  • Cracking walls or foundations - constant exposure to water from a leaking pipe can damage your home structurally over time.
  • Warped or expanding cabinetry
  • Sudden and ongoing low water pressure
  • Damp carpets
  • A musty smell inside the house

If you’ve noticed any of these signs occurring around your home contact our team for a complete leak detection service today.

Causes of damaged water pipes

Water pipes are usually made of tough materials like copper or plastic and in most situations they will last many years. Pipes can be damaged due to:

  • Ground movement
  • Heavy vehicle movement
  • Extreme wet followed by long dry spells
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Tool use or gardening
  • Water hammer
  • Water pressure too high
  • Corrosion

Delaying leaking pipe repairs can cause significant damage to your home or property requiring often expensive rehabilitation works. Even small leaks can affect destruction over time.

We’ll find your leaking pipe fast

Don’t wait, if you suspect you have a water leak in your home or business contact Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage for a specialist leak detection service on 0488 843 224 or complete our online plumber booking request today.

We can also help with uncovering leaks in your sewer and stormwater drains using our specialist drain inspection camera. Find out more here - Drain Inspections

Great workmanship, communication and punctuality 5 stars. Only downfall was the site *** was not taken away.

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Inspection/quote received on time, work done on time and to quality standard. Compliments to Craig Stanford for work done and to Steph for phone manner.

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Job done well.

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Ryan was prompt, friendly and courteous, fixed the problem and advised of long term remedy. Would use them again. Fair priced.

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Great experience with Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage

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