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Dangers of Flexible Hoses

Regular maintenance and proper installation of flexi hose can prevent waterlogging. Get your flexi hose inspected by a licensed plumber before it causes serious damage

Are plumbing leaks covered by insurance?

Homeowners insurance policies cover sudden or accidental damage due to a broken or burst pipe, stormwater overflow, floods, and storms but not damage caused by lack of maintenance.

Checking for leaks

Do you have a funny feeling that there is a leak somewhere in your home or workplace plumbing, but you just don’t know where? Find out how to check your property for water leaks.

How to fix a leaking toilet

A leaking toilet - one of the most annoying bathroom issues that can happen. Whether your toilet is leaking from the bottom or is running consistently, it can be frustrating.

How to stop a noisy tap at home

When it comes to plumbing issues, noisy taps are one of the most frustrating ones around... and cause the most racket! Find out what can cause a noisy tap today and how to fix it.

How to fix a leaking tap

What an annoyance leaking taps are! Wherever on your premises this pesky problem is happening, the noise, not to mention the waste of water, justifies an urgent fix.

What to do in a plumbing emergency?

Our team have put together this list of ‘what to do’ and ‘what to avoid’ when plumbing emergencies strike your home or business plumbing system.

When to call an emergency plumber?

Knowing what’s a plumbing emergency and what can wait till the next business day is not always cut and dry.

The best plumbing service I have experienced. Visited, quoted and did the work immediately. Kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances replaced from van stock. Polite & efficient. Very impressed and pleased.

Adrian Thomas
another satisfied customer

Great workmanship, communication and punctuality 5 stars. Only downfall was the site *** was not taken away.

Anonymous Reviewer
another satisfied customer

Inspection/quote received on time, work done on time and to quality standard. Compliments to Craig Stanford for work done and to Steph for phone manner.

Anonymous Reviewer
another satisfied customer

Job done well.

Anonymous Reviewer
another satisfied customer

Ryan was prompt, friendly and courteous, fixed the problem and advised of long term remedy. Would use them again. Fair priced.

Anonymous Reviewer
another satisfied customer
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