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Why Plumbers Charge A Call Out Fee?

If you've ever wondered why plumbers charge a call-out fee, we thought we'd explain: A plumber generally charges a fee for each new maintenance job that he attends and put simply, it's necessary to keep him in business. Call out fees in the Brisbane area currently, start at $85 and on weekends can reach as high as $300 which doesn't include the

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3 Warning Signs That You May Have A Plumbing Problem On Your Premises

Plumbing problems can be a nightmare for any property owner and depending upon the issue, some of them can prove very costly to repair. Although there's a lot to be said for hindsight, many problems can be prevented before they get to this stage, so whether the end result is a broken pipe, serious damp in your wall, or a faulty water pump, here are

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Got Water Damage? Then You Need To Act Fast!

Just imagine coming home from work, opening the front door and stepping onto your carpet and it feels just like a sponge. Worse still, how about opening your front door to be confronted by 20-30cms of water cascading towards you. The reality is that even a relatively small water leek has the ability to cause this much damage in as short a time as 3

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Why It's Important To Detect And Deal With Small Household Leaks Early

If you have a major water leak then it's pretty obvious there's a problem and if you can't find or stem the source then in most cases you'll call out a plumber to find the cause and fix it. However what about when the leak is small or barely detectable? The reality is that many tiny leaks either go unnoticed or worse still, forgotten about in favou

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4 Tell Tale Signs That You Need To Call Out A Plumber

If you find yourself wading through your kitchen ankle deep in water, then it's pretty obvious you've got a problem and therefore calling out a plumber is a bit of a no-brainer. However, what about when the signs of a potential plumbing problem aren't quite so blatant? When should these 'more subtle' signs be taken seriously? Let's take a closer lo

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Jake was absolutely lovely. Young, but so professional. Nothing was too much of a bother for him. She was very impressed.Thank you for fitting us in so quickly.

Jo Zietsch
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Hi there, Your plumber Neil was punctual and arrived exactly when he was supposed to He was very polite and did the job efficiently. I can highly recommend his services.

H. Boman
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Quotes and invoices very easy to read and understand Great Customer service.

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another satisfied customer

Awesome service

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