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What causes low water pressure in your home?

Are you constantly experiencing low water pressure from your showerheads and faucets? There may be a small plumbing problem within your home that is to blame for the lack of pressure in your fixtures. In residential plumbing, a water pump can be used to generate pressure in the water supply pipes to move clean water to fixtures, when the force of gravity cannot be utilised due to the location of the fixture or residence. This water transportation process contains many various components, some of which may be the cause of the fluctuating pressure in your home. This article will inform you of the possible as to why it happens and some practical solutions to the problems.

Water supply pipes

Water supply pipes provide all of the fixtures in your home with clean drinking water and could be to blame for the pressure fluctuation in your fixtures. If a water supply pipe is clogged, the total water flow will be decreased in proportion to the severity of the blockage, which in turn, decreases the pressure. To regain the original pressure, have your pipes cleaned and cleared of any blockages by a professional blocked drain plumber.

Also, pipes can undergo severe corrosion over time, which can cause a reduction in the pressure in water supply pipes. Corroded pipes will often require a pipe repair or replacement, which is often appropriate since pipes that have undergone corrosion are usually very old.

Leaking pipes can cause a reduction in pressure, but they are also a serious plumbing problem, so it is essential that you contact a professional water leak detection service immediately.

Water pressure regulator

A water pressure regulator is a valve that ensures the pressure in the plumbing remains within a safe range by adjusting the pressure before it is dispersed through a fixture. If this regulator is broken or faulty then your pressure flow may become too high or too low. Have your regulator checked by your plumber to determine if it needs replacement.

Plumbing fixtures

If your tap or showerhead is faulty, it may be the cause of low water pressure for that outlet. Even if your water supply pipes and pressure regulator are both working properly, a faulty fixture can cause a reduction in the rate of water flow. If this is the case, replace your existing tap or showerhead with a new one that fits your plumbing. Consult with your plumber if you are unsure about what tap you should purchase and always opt for a professional shower or tap replacement service.

High water demand in a home can cause a temporary decrease in your water flow. If you have the washing machine on and are trying to have a shower simultaneously, then the water supply is split between the two fixtures. This can cause a reduction in the direct pressure to your shower as the pressure is also required for the washing machine. The best way to avoid this is to use fixtures that require high volumes of water separately.

Water valves

Every home is fitted with two main shut off water valves that can turn the flow of water to your home on and off entirely. When turning these valves back on, it is critical to ensure that they are opened completely. If they are not properly opened and left in this state, the overall flow of water to your home can be limited, reducing the overall pressure in your water supply pipes. To avoid this, when turning the valve, be certain that the valve is completely opened before using the fixtures in your home.

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