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Pipe relining provides a practical cost-effective solution to repair damaged pipes in hard to reach locations such as under a pool or house. It is also often used as a fast repair option for drains when time of of the essence to minimise disruption to business operations.

Drain relining process

The pipe relining process is a method of repairing an existing pipe without needing to dig up or excavate the damaged section saving time and often money. It can be used for all types of drain pipe problems from cracks due to heavy vehicle movement or repeated blocked drains from tree root intrusion to misaligned joints or broken pipes.

Often referred to as no-dig or trenchless pipe relining as minimal, if any, digging is usually required to carry out repairs.

jet rodder

Clearing a drain using a water jetter

No dig pipe repair

The relining process involves:

  • CCTV drain camera inspection is carried out. This allows the technician to identify the exact location of the damaged pipe as well as giving them a clear idea of the cause and extent of the issue.
  • Any blockages or obstructions are removed to allow a smooth surface for the new liner to adhere to.
  • The section of the liner is cut to size and embedded with resin.
  • The liners are then carefully positioned over the damaged section or sections of the pipe.
  • The liner is then inflated using compressed air or water to fit the inside surface of the old pipe, sealing any holes or cracks.
  • This inner-liner is then cured using UV light or heat hardening the lining and resin to create a strong, long-lasting new inner pipe.
  • Once the pipe liner has hardened the drain is inspected again to ensure the repair is successful and the new lining is smooth to avoid debris catching as it passes causing further issues.

Relining technologies

Different relining products vary a bit but a good quality liner will last up to 50 years providing long term repair solutions for homes and businesses.

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