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Rheem hot water systems range is more popular amongst homeowners interested in more affordable solutions to their hot water needs.

There are different types of hot water systems and models to pick from, each with a different size and capability. So, whether yours is a large family or a small family looking to maximise your budget, Rheem has the perfect fix for everyone.

Electric Hot Water Systems from Rheem

Have hot water ready when you need it with an electric hot water system from Rheem. The following are their most popular electric water heater units:

1. Stellar Stainless Steel

Asides from the powerful performance the stainless-steel cylinder delivers, this hot water system model offers high thermal efficiency and great purity.

2. Rheem 491/492 Series Electric

The cylinder comes with a 10-year warranty, with a top-grade performance guaranteed. Visit their site to know more about the Rheem 491/492 series.

3. Rheem 191/192 Series Electric

You can choose from the various models in the Rheemglas® electric range models, from 25L to 160L capacities.

4. RheemPlus

The RheemPlus® comes with a factory-fitted tampering valve to make installation seamless.

5. Rheem Compact

With the Rheem Compact, you now have an excellent replacement for your under-the-sink hot water systems or the one in your cupboards or laundry.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems from Rheem

Enjoy instant water from these mains pressure gas hot water systems. The water stays hot for as long as you are ready to use the hot water. Rheem gas storage water heaters are available in different models, each designed to meet the hot water needs of all family sizes.

1. Rheem Stellar

You get a 330L or 360L first hour capacity of hot water, and the recovery of the hot water is fast, up to 200 litres per hour. It comes with a vitreous enamel cylinder and a 10-year warranty for the cylinder.

2. Rheem 5 Star

The first hour capacity of hot water here is 275L or 350L, with mains pressure running at multiple taps. You can go for the RheemPlus temperature models that offer as high as 50 degrees. There is a vitreous enamel cylinder and a 7-year cylinder warranty. Learn more about this gas hot water model on their site.

3. Rheem 4 Star

This model is 4-star energy-efficient, with mains pressure running at multiple taps. It is fitted with a hi-temp thermostat, which reduces the amount of hot water required. The cylinder has a 7-year warranty.

4. Rheem Indoor

The energy efficiency rating here is 3-star, whether you get the 135L or 170L model. Both models of this hot water system also come with a 5-year cylinder warranty.

5. RheemPlus

The manufacturers for this model included a tempering valve from the factory, making the installation seamless. The mains pressure runs at multiple taps.

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems from Rheem

The gas instant water heaters from Rheem are available in different models, each with distinct capabilities to meet your specific water needs.

1. 12L – 27L Models

The 12L-27L models are known for their 6-star energy efficiency rating, with sizes ranging from 12L to 27L/min. These models come in handy if you have limited space, thanks to their compact design.

2. Metro Series

These models are 6-star energy rated and available in 16L, 24L, and 26L/min models. These models are ideal for extensive building projects, and you can install a wall mount security bracket with them.

3. Pronto Series

The Pronto series has a 12L or 16L capacity. They are compatible with most mechanical water heater fittings, so you need no electrical connection. They come with electronic temperature control.

Solar Hot Water Systems from Rheem

If you want to reduce your energy usage and minimise carbon emissions, you should go for a solar hot water system or heat pump. You are guaranteed hot showers every day with a gas or electric booster, irrespective of the weather.

1. Rheem Premier Hiline Roof System (Frost Protected)

This model offers 100% reliable operation in all climates, thanks to the indirect design and complete frost protection.

2. Rheem Hiline Roof System (Non-Frost)

This model comes with a direct solar system and will work better in warmer climates or places where the water quality is decent.

3. Collectors

The Collector models from Rheem are great for both non-frost and frost areas.

4. Rheem Premier Loline Split Solar System (Frost Protected)

This model sports a split design, with the tank on the ground and collectors on the roof. The design is also indirect, and it comes with complete frost protection. So, even if the climate gets very cold, you can still get hot water.

5. Rheem Loline Split Solar System (Non-Frost)

Homeowners in a warmer climate are better off with this non-frost model. The tank, collector, and split design combination delivers excellent results all year round.

Rheem Hot Water Problems?

If you are having issues with your Rheem hot water system, there are a few things you can look at before calling a plumber. Check out our Rheem Hot Water Troubleshooting guide for more information.

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