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Which tool is better to unblock drains – plumbers eel or water jetter?

Blocked drains can be a totaly nightmare! The stinking smell, backing up water, slowly draining sinks, and gurgling toilets are just some of the signs of blocked drains. Luckily the drains can be cleared easily with the help of important tools in the arsenal of a plumber like a plumbers eel or water jetter. But which is better to clear a blocked drain?

The ideal method used to clear the drain depends on the cause of the blockage and its location.

Water jetter vs plumbers eel

Clearing a drain using an electric eel

  • Also known as a drain snake or plumbers snake.
  • It has a flexible steel pipe attached to a motor that is used to clear blockage inside the drains.
  • They are good for removing non-solid stuff located just below the drain opening like toilet paper and indoor blockages.
  • It cannot clear grease or remove tree roots stuck inside the pipe.
  • It can be physically demanding and hard to use.
  • It has a short range pipe and cannot reach all the areas of the drain.
  • The time taken to clear blockages depends on the depth and extent of the blockage. In comparison to water jetters, they take far more time to clean the blockage.
  • Electric eels have an aggressive mechanism and can cause extensive damage to thin or old pipes.

Using a water jetter to unblock a drain

  • Water jetters have been around for the past 20 years and make it super easy to clear blocked drains.
  • The flexible soft hose is easy to use and doesn’t hurt the back.
  • It uses high-pressure water to remove stubborn blockages and can clear hard objects like tree roots and clogs of grease particles easily without damaging the pipes.
  • The water jetter has a long hose and can reach the inaccessible areas of the deep along the pipe easily without damage.
  • Only high pressure water is used, no chemicals are required to clean the pipes so it is environmentally friendly.
  • Water jetters are excellent for commercial drain cleaning. For example, restaurants might benefit from routine water jetting as the pipes get blocked with grease or food particles.
  • Water jetters are efficient and use less time to clear blocked drains.

Fixing blocked drains are best left to fully licensed plumbers. Your plumber can determine the right tool – electric eel or water jetters – to unblock the drains. For a reliable and quick service to your blocked pipes issue, get in touch with Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage. Call us today on 1300 616 203 or complete our online job booking form.