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When you think about it, the taps in your home really do have it pretty tough. They must be available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on call – whenever you need them, they need to be ready to go. And, when they aren’t working like they should or are a little noisy when they are turned on, we get super irritated… It’s a tough job!

In saying that though, when a tap is making unnecessary noise it can be both disruptive and annoying. That is why we thought we’d help you out with some reasons why it’s happening, and how to fix it! If you are worried in any way, we recommend speaking to your local plumber for some assistance. Or give Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage a call on 1300 616 203 and we would be happy to assist.

Why is your tap being noisy?

The first question to consider is, why is your tap being noisy in the first place? There is a range of reasons this can occur, but the most common ones include:

  • The aerator may have mineral deposits in it.
  • The washers may be broken or the wrong size.
  • Tapware could be past its useful life.
  • The water pressure may be incorrect.

If your tap is noisy but none of the above seems to be the cause, it is best to get your local plumber in to take a look, as there may be something else going on that will require addressing.

What to look at when it comes to a noisy tap

If you have a tap causing a noisy problem in your home, take a look for one of the following causes:

The aerator

One of the first things to consider is the aerator. If you are wondering what an aerator is, don’t worry (you’re not alone) – an aerator is a small screen that can be found on the top of a tap. A super-easy way to see if your aerator is the problem is to remove it – unscrew it – and turn your tap on. If it is quiet, you’ve found the cause of all the noise and it will require replacement. Take your aerator to your local hardware store and you can likely find a replacement or something similar. Once you have a new aerator, put it back onto your tap and see if this solves your noise issues.

The washers

A super common cause of noisy taps is a broken or incorrectly sized washer. If this is the cause of your noisy tap though it is an easy fix – replace it! Only attempt this if you are confident with your skills and have the correct equipment. To check if the washer is the problem, turn the water supply off at the mains supply and carefully remove the top section of the tap. The washers can be seen after you remove the tap handle, so grab them out and take them to a hardware store for a replacement. Once you have purchased new washers, put your tap back together and turn the water back on at the main. Hopefully, it won’t be noisy anymore!

The system

This is a frustrating one but, if your taps are noisy, it may be that your tapware could do with an update. It is a common occurrence that tapware built into older homes weren’t designed for the needs of many households these days. If you have a feeling that this is why your plumbing system is making unnecessary noise, this isn’t something you can fix yourself – give a professional a call and they will be able to explain the available options to you.

The water pressure

Last, but certainly not least, check the water pressure. If it is quite high, this can cause quite a racket from your taps. You can test the water pressure by using a pressure gauge, which will indicate whether it is the problem. For reference, if your pressure gauge is reading around the 80 psi mark… you’ve likely found your issue. You will need to give your plumber a call to install a pressure regulator on your main water line, which should sort out the noise both now and into the future.

Get in the plumbing professionals

An alternative to all of the above is to call in the professionals to take a look – remember, they have the experience and tools suited to the job, as they look at plumbing issues all day every day. This allows them to provide specific advice as to the cause and the available solutions, saving you both time and effort. It is always safer to get the pros in too – they know exactly what they are doing, and have the exact equipment needed.

Your noisy tap specialists in Brisbane

If the taps in your home or business are causing a racket, give Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage a call on 1300 616 203 and we can assist with all your plumbing needs today.


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Disclaimer: This page is to be used for informational reasons only. Any individual who chooses to undertake the above suggestions are accepting full and complete responsibility for any and all damages that may occur. It is strongly suggested that any plumbing works that are completed in your home or workplace are done so by an appropriately qualified tradesperson.