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Just imagine coming home from work, opening the front door and stepping onto your carpet and it feels just like a sponge. Worse still, how about opening your front door to be confronted by 20-30cms of water cascading towards you. The reality is that even a relatively small water leak has the ability to cause this much damage in as short a time as 30 minutes. If you do find yourself in this situation then you need to act fast.

Isolate the electricity

The very first thing you should do before you go wading in is to think safety. The risks of electrical shocks are far higher when there’s water about so as a precaution switch off the electricity at the mains which is usually located in your home switchboard.

In flood or water damage situations we recommend a professional electrical check before the power supply to your home is reconnected.

Look at the colour of the water

Not all water damage involves clean water. A backed-up sewer or toilet, for example, can release black water that not only smells bad but is also incredibly toxic and harmful, particularly if you come into contact with it. If this is the case then call your plumber or a professional restoration company. They carry special equipment to deal with such overflowing sewage situations.

If on the other hand, the water looks reasonably clean, then its generally safe to enter.

burst and leaking pipe

A burst pipe can cause water damage fast

Turn off the water at the mains

Sometimes it can be difficult when faced with situations like this to uncover the source of the leak, to save valuable time switch the water supply off at the mains. At least this way you’ve halted the flow of water, even if you haven’t located the problem yet.

Call your local plumber

Now it’s time to find and repair the issue. Your local licensed plumber is trained to locate and fix problems quickly and efficiently such burst pipes, backflowing toilet, or rainwater overflow.

Remember when it comes to water damage speed is of the essence. By acting quickly then there’s a good chance that you’ll save your belongings, your property and indeed, a lot of money in the long term.

Start the cleanup process

The key thing to remember with water damage is the longer walls, floors, furniture, and your belongings are underwater, the more chance of permanent damage. So it’s important that the cleanup operation gets underway as soon as your plumber and electrician say it is safe to do so.

If the flooding is particularly bad then it may pay to call in a professional flood and water damage restoration company. They’ll have specialised water removal equipment which can disperse large quantities of water quickly.

In the meantime consider removing anything not fitted which has come into contact with the water, such as soft furnishings or mats, and place them outside in the sun to dry off.

Ventilate and dry out

A forgotten after-effect of water damage is mould. Mould is a living organism that if left to grow can cause serious respiratory health problems, not to mention making a real mess of your walls and floors.

For this reason getting as much fresh air movement into the property, especially within the first 24 hours, is key.

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