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As the summer weather approaches and it begins to warm up in Brisbane, homeowners are starting to come out of their winter hibernation to get stuck into a bit of maintenance around their properties. One of the essential tasks to carry out before the summer storm season is upon us is drain cleaning.

No, we’re not suggesting you bulk buy chemical drain cleaner to get your drain squeaky clean (don’t do this), rather scheduling a few general cleaning tasks to ensure your stormwater system efficiently removes the rainwater from around your home. This process is very important to prevent flooding and water damage to the property.

leaking gutter

Important pre-storm season drain clearing tasks

Keeping your home stormwater systems running freely is actually pretty simple. Our drainage specialists recommend you start from the top.

  • Clear roofs and guttering – removing the build-up of leaves, sticks, and debris from the roof and gutters. And check your downpipes for any blockages.
  • Remove garden debris from drains – ensure the drain at the base of the downpipe as well as any grates, flow way pits, or drainage channels around your yard are free of dirt, leaves, and garden debris.
  • Repair any damaged areas of roof, guttering or downpipes – to avoid water getting into areas of your home it is not supposed to.
  • Trim overhanging branches – remove branches or foliage that hangs over the roof area of your home to prevent damages during a storm or strong winds.

Book a professional drain inspection

A plumbing inspection using a specially designed CCTV drain camera can accurately identify any blockages or drain damage in the areas of your stormwater drainage system that you can’t easily see.

Your drainage specialist can clear any partial blockages they find using methods like water jetting. Water jetting uses high-pressure water to break up any clogs clearing the drain. This method is much more environmentally friendly than chemical drain cleaners and a lot more effective.

Check your insurance

Make sure your home insurance is up to date and that you have adequate flood or storm damage cover.

Drain maintenance for businesses

These tasks don’t just apply to homeowners, business owners should also review and maintain the stormwater systems around their commercial property to avoid damage and protect workers and stock throughout the summer storms.