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Tricky plumbing problems like damaged pipes located underground need specialist attention and outside the box, thinking to provide practical solutions.

Years ago the only solution would be to dig up the pipes and replace the broken sections or create new drains to bypass the damaged areas. This was a fairly straightforward, if labour intensive, process if the pipes were located in a fairly easy to access patch of your property. Issues arose, however, if the pipes or drains were positioned under existing infrastructure such as a concrete slab, paved driveway, house, pool or shed. Even digging up established gardens to replace pipes could mean extensive restoration work was needed after the pipe repair job was complete.

In 1971 Eric Wood came up with a solution to this often costly problem with the invention of cured in place pipe lining (CIPP). The process of pipe relining involved placing an epoxy impregnated pipe lining inside a broken or leaking drain, inflating the lining so it adhered to the existing pipe and curing the epoxy lining to harden it in place creating a durable new inner layer to the pipe.

This system has been fine-tuned over the last 40 or so years into the versatile trenchless pipe repair method we use today.

stormwater drain

Stormwater Drain

Benefits of using pipe relining

Using pipe relining to repair damaged pipes and drains has many advantages including:

  • No or minimal digging or excavation needed.
  • Perfect for drain problems in hard to reach locations like under the house or beneath roads.
  • Pipe relining can often be installed using an existing access point or manhole.
  • Fast repairs – pipe relining can usually be carried out in a fraction of the time it would take to dig and replace.
  • Versatile – this method can be used to repair sewer or stormwater drains made from a range of products including clay, concrete, cast iron, and PVC.
  • Ideal repair technique for pipes with ongoing blocked drain issues due to tree root intrusion.
  • Cost-effective for hard to access drains.
  • Long-lasting – top quality relining products have a design life of up to 50 years which means you won’t have any issues with that section of pipe for around half a century.
  • Ideal for old drains under delicate infrastructure like heritage properties.
  • Reduced safety issues – creating a large trench or hole in a busy area presents a significant safety risk
  • Strong inner layer created – in effect the pipe lining creates a new pipe inside the old damaged one.

Combined with state of the art leak detection services and CCTV drain cameras, it’s undoubtedly the most efficient and least disruptive approach to pipe repair. Not sure if pipe relining is the right solution for your drainage problems? Speak to our Brisbane plumbing team for expert advice on your drain repair issues.