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The ultimate in modern convenience, Zip hot water taps and water heating systems provide instant boiling, chilled, or sparkling water at your fingertips. The Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage team can take care of the installation and repairs of the full Zip range throughout Brisbane, Logan, and the Redland areas. Book today.

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Zip, a proudly Australian business, has been producing instant boiling and hot water solutions for homes and businesses around the country since 1947. One of the original boiling water systems used widely through canteens, restaurants, cafes since the 1960s, Zip continues to develop and innovate to this day.

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Benefits of installing a Zip hot water tap

Thanks to the versatile design of the Zip tap, installation options extend from apartments to large homes, single offices to large multi-storey buildings. Zip taps are a functional addition to any kitchen with a great many benefits which include:

  • The Zip advanced filtration systems provide instant fresh filtered hot, chilled, or sparkling water.
  • Zip taps make it easier than ever to drink more water and stay hydrated every day.
  • The tap effectively removes harmful microplastics from your drinking water.
  • Filters also get rid of nasties such as chlorine, lead, rust, asbestos fibres, sediment, and parasites out of the water.
  • The units boast extremely energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • Instant boiling water means never having to waste time waiting for the kettle to boil again.

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Your local Zip hot water specialists Brisbane

For complete Zip hot water installation and repairs throughout Brisbane, Logan, and Redlands contact our team at 1300 740 206 or complete our quick online hot water service request form today.


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