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How does an instant electric hot water system work?

What is an instant electric hot water system?

Instant electric hot water systems offer energy efficient water heating for both homes and businesses without taking up too much space. Great for buildings with low hot water requirements, they are beginning to make their mark on the Australian market due to their space saving, cost effective convenience.

How does an instant electric hot water system work?

Electric continuous flow water heaters are just as their name suggests - electricity-powered hot water systems that heat water as you need it. When turning on the hot water in your home, this triggers a flow sensor which commences the heating process. The heating element is triggered which allows the required water to be heated electrically before it gets to you as nice, toasty hot water.

Instantaneous systems which run off electricity use less energy than electric storage units, however produce more greenhouse gases than gas storage units. Additionally, because a lot of people use water during peak times, electricity prices are at peak rates (not off-peak like many storage options) however you will never run out of hot water.

What are the installation requirements for an instant electric hot water system?

As practically every home and workplace has electricity, the only installation requirements are regulatory.

What are the pros and cons of an instant electric HWS?


  • Energy efficient, as only heat water when you need it.
  • Can fit neatly under the office or vanity sink for a perfect compact water heating solution.
  • Great for those with lower hot water requirements.
  • The close proximity of the water heater to the outlet means the hot water gets to the tap fast.
  • No flue needed.
  • Easily adjustable temperature.
  • Super convenient.


  • Typically need high power inputs, particularly if more than one unit is running at once - this can result in the need of 3-phase power.
  • Can have high, upfront costs.
  • Still not as eco-friendly as other water heating options.

Who does an instant electric hot water system suit?

Anyone who has a small space with minimal outlets would suit an instant electric hot water system, however there are a several options of larger instant electric systems available which can cater to several outlets from a single unit.

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