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How does a gas storage hot water system work?

What is a gas storage hot water system?

Gas storage hot water systems are a more energy efficient option than the traditional electrical storage systems, offering either LPG or natural gas choices and a fast reheat time. They are also very reliable, making them more and more popular as time goes on.

How does a gas storage hot water system work?

A gas storage hot water system uses a gas burner under the storage tank to heat the water that is contained inside. Cold water is piped into the tank and goes to the bottom, where the heating occurs. As the water gets warmer, it rises to the top and is sent through your plumbing when you turn on the hot water tap. The temperature of the water is controlled by a thermostat and if the water pressure gets too high in the tank, water is pushed out through the pressure relief valve and overflow pipe.

A flue is also required, unlike electric storage hot water systems, which is found through the middle of the tank to allow hot air, moisture and carbon monoxide to escape.

Gas Hot Water Tank System*

What are the installation requirements for a gas storage HWS?

In order for you to have a gas storage hot water system you must have a gas connection - whether this is installed already, or requires installation. Additionally, if you are going to locate the system inside, a vent or piping will be needed for the flue.

What are the pros & cons of a gas storage hot water system?


  • Long term running costs are lower than many other options
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Fast reheat time.
  • Reliable.
  • Both LPG and natural gas options.
  • Lower carbon footprint, as lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Generally 8-10 year warranties.


  • Higher upfront costs.
  • Requires a flue or must be located outside.
  • If your home needs a gas connection installed, this can be costly.
  • Gas outages, although not common, can go days without resolve.

Who does a gas storage hot water system suit?

A gas storage hot water system is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a more eco-friendly storage option than an electric HWS, especially if they are already connected to the gas main. If your home or workplace does not already have a gas connection, arranging this can be costly (and completely unavailable in some areas). Large homes with higher hot water requirements are the perfect situations for gas storage HWSs.

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