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Common electric hot water system faults

Is your electric hot water system not working properly? The hot water system can develop faults over time. It is best to get the problem fixed by a plumber before it is too late.

Common instantaneous gas hot water system problems

When it comes to hot water in your home, you've likely taken it for granted on more than one occasion (we know we have!). But what happens when your hot water isn't working right?

How do I know if my hot water system needs replacing?

Common signs your hot water system needs replacing includes old system, strange noises, frequent break downs, dirty water etc.

How do hot water systems work?

Although we don’t always remember it, the hot water system in your home is working hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you have hot water whenever you need it.

How does a gas storage hot water system work?

Gas storage hot water systems are a more energy efficient option than the traditional electrical storage systems, offering either LPG or natural gas choices and a fast reheat time.

How does an electric storage hot water system work?

Electric hot water systems are one of the most commonly used hot water systems in Australia, with around 50% of households across the nation using electric storage hot water units.

How does an instant electric hot water system work?

Instant electric hot water systems offer energy efficient water heating for both homes & businesses without taking up too much space.

How does an instant gas hot water system work?

Instant gas hot water systems, otherwise known as tankless, instantaneous or continuous flow, only heats water as and when you need it. This reduces the amount of water wasted duri

How does a heat pump hot water system work?

Heat pump water heaters are super energy efficient, using only around 30% of the energy utilised by traditional electric systems - even though they run on electricity. They use ren

How long do hot water systems last?

The hot water systems can last for almost 8-15 years. With regular maintenance, you can increase its lifespan. Find out more here.

Let's Take a Look at Hot Water System Costs

Now that we have covered the types of hot water systems, now it’s time to move onto hot water system costs (if you missed out on the types of hot water units, see Types of Hot Wate

Storage vs Continuous Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems aren't the same - they are used to heat water but there are pros & cons of Tank and Tankless Water Heaters. Which one should you choose?

Types of Hot Water Systems

Your hot water system just isn’t running like it used to, so you have decided it is time to upgrade or replace your unit with something new. You type ‘hot water systems’ into Googl

What is a tempering valve on a hot water heater?

A tempering valve, otherwise known as a hot water mixing valve or a hot water tempering valve, is a 2-inlet or 3-inlet adjustable mixing valve which is activated by temperature.

What is the difference between a thermostatic mixing valve and a tempering valve?

When you turn the tap on in your home or workplace, you expect water at the correct temperature to be delivered - whether that be hot, cold, warm or something in between. ‍

What size Hot Water System do I need?

A huge component to consider when looking at upgrading or replacing your hot water system is size - what size of system should be. Whether it is a storage or continuous flow system

What temperature should my hot water be?

When it comes to hot water in your home or workplace, you likely take it for a granted a little - we certainly do! Turning on the kitchen tap and having hot water flow out, or turn

Which hot water system is best?

Selecting the perfect system will ensure you have ample hot water all year round, you'll keep your water heating costs down and you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Why is my hot water system leaking?

Water leaks often go unnoticed and you might realise it later when it is too late. So what should you do if your hot water system is leaking?

Why is the hot water pressure low?

Low water pressure can be due to a number of reasons like clogged pipes, faulty fixtures, hot water system or broken pressure regulators.

The best plumbing service I have experienced. Visited, quoted and did the work immediately. Kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances replaced from van stock. Polite & efficient. Very impressed and pleased.

Adrian Thomas
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Great workmanship, communication and punctuality 5 stars. Only downfall was the site *** was not taken away.

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Inspection/quote received on time, work done on time and to quality standard. Compliments to Craig Stanford for work done and to Steph for phone manner.

Anonymous Reviewer
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Job done well.

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Ryan was prompt, friendly and courteous, fixed the problem and advised of long term remedy. Would use them again. Fair priced.

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