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Electric, gas, instant, heat pump and solar

Choosing the right hot water system can be difficult with so many options, and slight variations to those options, it’s hard to know which system will meet the needs of your home or business now and in the future.

If you’re upgrading or replacing your existing hot water system the choices might be limited to the current power supply or space available. This does not mean that you can’t improve to an energy efficient alternative.

New homes or business fit-outs can allow more flexibility in your choices.

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Points to consider when choosing a hot water system

Many factors need to be considered when choosing a new water heating system, such as:

  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of residents
  • Building design - are the bathrooms a long way from the kitchen? Two smaller instant systems could reduce the hot water lag time rather than one large storage unit.
  • Bathroom use habits - does everyone shower in the morning? Are several bathrooms in use at one time?
  • Roof space and aspect - north facing roof is ideal but east or west can work too. Full sun with minimal shading.
  • Space available for installation - storage hot water tanks used in electric, gas, heat pump and ground-mounted solar need a dedicated space outside or inside.
  • Energy sources available

Types of hot water systems

There are 5 main styles of hot water heaters available to Australian homes and businesses, all have their own pros and cons.

Electric hot water

Electric storage is one of the most common styles of hot water systems found in Queensland homes (around 50% Australia wide). Older units are often very energy hungry and can have high running costs, typically consuming around 25% of household power bills.

However, many manufacturers have stepped up and now produce models with significantly reduced power consumption.


  • Ample hot water available at any one time
  • Economical to purchase - options for all budgets
  • Can utilise cheaper electricity tariffs - connecting to off-peak or economy tariff 33.


  • Can be the most expensive option to operate
  • Storage tanks need to maintain the water at temperatures over 60℃ to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Requires a tempering valve to ensure the delivery temperature is a safe 50℃.

Instant electric hot water systems are perfect for smaller hot water needs like in a single vanity or office kitchen.

Gas hot water systems

Gas storage hot water systems account for around one quarter of HWS across the country. For information on instant gas systems see below.


  • Natural gas and LPG options
  • Quicker to reheat than electric storage
  • Ideal for those connected to mains natural gas


  • A lot of the energy consumed to keep water hot 24 hours a day
  • High heat loss
  • Low energy efficiency

Instant hot water system

Instant hot water systems are extremely energy efficient as water is only heated as it is needed. This style of HWS is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homes and businesses.


  • The compact unit can fit easily on an external or internal (select models) wall
  • Available in natural gas, LPG, or electric models
  • No more cold showers - never run out of hot water again


  • Installation costs may need to include the gas pipework required
  • Must be flued or positioned in a well-ventilated area
  • Multiple units may be needed if your kitchen and bathrooms are far apart.

Heat pump water heaters

An green energy water heating option, heat pump hot water units heat the water using the ambient warmth in the air outside.


  • Energy efficient - low operating costs
  • Work well in temperate climates as we have in south-east Queensland
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


  • Higher upfront costs
  • Can be noisy - not ideal located near sleeping areas or close to neighbours.
  • Not suitable for colder climates

Solar hot water systems

Solar hot water systems heat water utilising the ample free solar energy from the sun using a flat-plate or evacuated tube systems. The storage tank can be either roof mounted (close-coupled) or ground mounted (split) and backed up with either electric or gas booster for cloudy days.


  • Low running costs
  • Reduce your homes greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificates


  • Suitable roof space and support required
  • Reduced efficiency if roof becomes more shaded - trees in the area grow to cover panels or neighbouring building block some sun.
  • Higher installation and purchase costs.

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