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Outdoor Gas Heating

Outdoor gas heater install, repairs, & maintenance

The Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage team of experienced gas fitters offer complete outdoor gas heating installation , repairs , and maintenance services throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We work with all brands of fitted LPG or natural gas patio heaters including gas fireplaces and ceiling or wall mounted outdoor gas heaters.

Make the most of the outdoor areas of your home or business this winter book an outdoor heater installation or maintenance with our gas fitting team today.

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Gas patio heater installation service

Brisbane residents and businesses love to utilise the outdoors all year round. Our beautiful mild winters are ideal for alfresco dining or just enjoying a relaxing evening on the deck. Installing an outdoor gas patio heater ensures you can use your outdoor entertaining space regardless of the weather.

Our gas fitters can install all brands and styles of outside gas heaters on patios, verandas, decks, gazebos, or outdoor kitchens. We offer all the services needed to get your heater up and running including the installation of gas pipework, bayonet fittings, connecting to existing gas systems.

Not sure which outdoor heating option is right for your home or business? We can provide expert advice on choosing the perfect option to ensure your heating is safe, cost effective, and provides a toasty warm outdoor experience all winter long.

Brisbane City

Commercial outdoor heating

South East Queensland residents and visitors love alfresco dining. If your restaurant, cafe, pub, or club does not offer top quality outdoor heating, you’re probably missing out on a lot of very valuable winter trade.

Offer your customers a warm dining experience by opting for energy efficient outdoor gas heating. Our team can take care of the installation of your heating system as well as routine testing and servicing requirements.

Routine gas heater maintenance

A pre-winter gas heater maintenance check will make sure your heating is ready to go when the cold weather hits. Faults in gas heaters especially those located outside can be easily missed and can pose a serious fire risk if left unchecked. A yearly service can also identify any areas of wear and tear allowing repairs to be carried out before larger issues arise.

Gas heater safety inspections

While outdoor gas heaters don’t present the CO2 build-up risk that indoor units do, they still produce this poisonous gas byproduct and can still be very dangerous in an outdoor setting. Always ensure the area is well ventilated with plenty of fresh air when using your outdoor gas heater.

Important Safety Note - Heaters designed for use outside must never be used indoors.

Always ensure dust and debris is removed from the heater before use and the area is free of any combustible materials.

Only a licensed gasfitter can carry out gas work. Gas work includes installing, removing, altering, repairing, servicing, testing or certifying the gas system, including all pipework and connections. Queensland Govt - qld.gov.au

Your local outdoor gas heating specialists Brisbane

For the very best in outdoor gas heating installation, repairs, servicing and safety testing contact the gas fitting team at Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage at 1300 740 206 or complete our online gas fitter booking request form today.

Refs - https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety/home/gas/gas-safety


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