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  • Can a plumber do gas fitting?

    Should you hire a gas fitter or plumber ? Gas Fitters and Plumbers undertake different training and licenses to work in their respective fields. However, some plumbers obtain license for gas fitting wor...

  • What to do if you have a Gas Leak

    Suspect Gas Leaks - What should you do to handle gas leaks?Do you have LPG or natural gas installed at your home or business? You should be aware of the signs of gas leaks and what to do in case of an ...

  • What is a gas compliance certificate?

    If you have any gas appliances in your home or workplace, you have likely heard of a gas compliance certificate but, if you haven't this article is for you (and you should definitely read on). Gas complian...

  • What is a type A Gas Appliance?

    Gas appliances are widely used - but did you know they are categorised into 2 categories - Type A and Type B Gas Devices. The type A gas appliances are mass-produced and used commonly for residential o...


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