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At Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage we’re proud to have a large team of professional, reliable, and affordable Brisbane blocked drain specialists. Covering the whole of Brisbane they deliver a speedy and efficient blocked drain plumbing and drain cleaning service which will have your plumbing fixed in no time at all.

Operating a 7 day a week, 24-hour service, our emergency blocked drain and drain cleaning service provides our customers with reassurance and added peace of mind. Trust us when we say that your emergency is our emergency.

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There’s nothing as inconvenient or as smelly as a blocked drain or sink, but fortunately aided by sophisticated CCTV camera and locator technology, our Brisbane plumbers can get to the core of the problem, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home or business. They’ll quickly establish the cause, unblock the drain, and carry out any maintenance work necessary so that it doesn’t happen again.

Clear blocked drains with Jet Rodding

The Jet Rodder can be utilised in various applications including:

  • Unblocking drains
  • Cleaning sewer drains
  • Stormwater drains
  • Commercial and industrial plumbing
  • Conduit and pipe cleaning of all sizes

A Jet Rodder allows for clearing of drains and blockages in pipes using a high pressure water jetting system. Let us offer you a complete plumbing service, from industrial plumbing and commercial plumbing to domestic plumbing services and clearing blocked drains.

Blocked drains service – How it works

Locate the blocked drain

It used to be frustrating and time-consuming locating blocked underground drains and often involved a lot of guesswork and unnecessary digging. Fortunately, we’re now able to use electronic locators to give us the precise whereabouts of the fault’s location. 

In addition, our plumbers can use a locator to tell us the depth and direction of the pipework below ground. This means we can carry out a full drain inspection, implement a solution more effectively, and replace or repair damaged or broken pipes with the minimum of inconvenience, mess, and cost to you.

Identify the blocked drain problem - CCTV camera survey

Having determined the exact underground location of the faulty pipe, we’re able to use CCTV camera technology to visually inspect the inside. 

How does it work? A waterproof camera is connected to a cable and fed into a stormwater or sewer pipe so that we can inspect its internal condition. We can then see the cause of the blockage and whether the pipe is broken or cracked, without the need to dig it up.

Our blocked drain Brisbane experts can actually show you what’s occurring in live footage as the cable is pushed down, a bit like watching a video. We can also take photos and video footage during the process if required. It’s always a good idea for a home or business owner to be on site when we’re carrying out a CCTV camera, as that way they can see the cause of the blockage for themselves.

A CCTV camera also comes in handy when used in conjunction with high-pressure jet rodding, when cleaning or clearing a blockage, as we’re able to check visually that all debris has been removed. In most cases we use a CCTV camera,  especially when tree roots are evident, to confirm that the drain is clear. At Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage we don’t leave anything to chance.

Find out more about our drain inspection camera service.

Clear the blocked drain - High pressure Jet Rodding

Our truck mounted jet rodders are equipped with a variety of nozzles which allow our technicians to carry out a wide range of sewer and stormwater pipe maintenance functions. A flexible hose is guided down the pipe where the blockage is located and high pressure water is then pumped through the hose and out of the specialist nozzle which is attached. 

This powerful blast of water cuts through debris and blockages (including tree roots) cleaning the pipe as it goes along. It’s extremely effective, and because it doesn’t work by friction, there’s less chance of it damaging the pipe. Since the walls of the pipe are scrubbed clean as the jet rodder removes the blockage your pipes are assured of a long-lasting clean.

The Jet Rodder is an invaluable tool which can

  • Unblock drains
  • Clear and clean stormwater drains
  • Clear and clean sewer drains
  • Clean all sizes of conduit pipe
  • Be used for commercial and industrial plumbing

Prevention is always better than cure - we recommend rountine drain cleaning for all our plumbing customers.

Why get Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage for your Blocked Drains?

We regularly clear blocked drains and have the experience and know-how to recommend any further work which may be required. We also offer a ‘no-dig’ service which saves you time and money in the long run.

Contact our friendly team on 1300 740 206 and we’ll get your blocked drain fixed fast.


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