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Pipe Relining vs Pipe Patching

Pipe repair methods

There is no one Best way to fix a pipe and before your plumber would even consider which method to choose, we need to determine the cause of the problem itself. In some case blockages can be alleviated by the simple use of a high pressure jet rodding. In order to repair a pipe with current advanced plumbing techniques, it really depends on the type and extent of the damage to the piping in question. The 3 most used methods we use today are:

Pipe repair

Pipe relining

Pipe relining involves the use of inserting a lining tube inside a damaged pipe which may have a crack or a leak and is perfect for longer lengths of pipe and piping in inaccessible areas. This method is non destructive and prevents the need for extensive disruption to areas around the pipe.

Pipe patching

The art of Pipe patching is very similar to relining though by design it is more localised and focussed on a single area of pipe. Another non destructive repair method, the pipe patching technique also allows the pipe to be repaired without having to completely dig up the pipe itself itself or disturb any attached fixture. Patching is generally needed for localised fractures or breaks in a pipe and the process generally takes a few hours.

Pipe replacement

Self explanatory and involves the costly removal and either a complete or part replacement of the pipe itself. This also involves considerable earthworks to the surrounding area and can cause disruption to services utilising the pipe and the removal or relocation of any fixtures in the vicinity.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe repair from Brisbane plumbing and drainage

Brisbane plumbing and drainage are experts when it comes to the relining of piping within Brisbane and its surrounds, meaning our team of experienced professionals can get the job done with minimal disruption to you and your property. Our experience means we can promptly decipher the problem and figure out the solution quickly and efficiently, meaning less stress for you. We also understand your time is precious, so we can arrange our services around your suitability and availability.

So, do you have some broken pipes that need relining, or want to discuss the available options with our friendly team? If so, give us a call on {{ context.constants.company_info | parse_json | dig: 'secondary_phone' }} or complete our pipe relining service request form today!


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