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  • Who is responsible for blocked drains?

    Who pays the repair costs for unblocking drains? To find out whose responsibility is it to repair blocked drains - property owner, council or tenant,...

  • Pipe Relining vs Pipe Patching

    Pipe repair methodsThere is no one Best way to fix a pipe and before your plumber would even consider which method to choose, we need to determine the cause of the problem itself. In some case blo...

  • Advantages of pipe relining

    Tricky plumbing problems like damaged pipes located underground need specialist attention and outside the box thinking to provide practical solutions. Years ago the only solution would be to dig up ...

  • What is pipe relining?

    Pipe relining provides a practical cost effective solution to repair damaged pipes in har...

  • Signs your sewer is blocked

    Identifying and clearing blocked sewers and drains as soon as possible can avert real problems and costly repair...


  • Plumbers eel vs water jetters

    Which tool is better to unblock drains - plumbers eel or water jetter? Blocked drains can be a totaly nightmare! The stinking smell, backing u...

  • Tips to prevent blocked drains

    Blocked drains are annoying and can leave a stinking mess. Wet wipes, paper towels, coffee grinds, and grease build-up are common culprits behind clogged drains. Some more reasons for your

  • How to unblock a drain

    Blocked drains are a nuisance; try clearing them with these helpful hints There’s no doubt that struggling with blocked drains in your house...


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