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Blocked Toilet Solutions Brisbane

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Blocked Toilet Solutions Brisbane

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Professional, reliable blocked toilet plumber

Got a blocked toilet? Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage can help, we have a 24 hour emergency plumber service ready to respond to your toilet drain blockage problems now. Contact our team today for fast, professional and reliable blocked toilet clearing today.

We provide plumbing services to homeowners in Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Logan, Moreton Bay and Redland Bay.


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Specialist Blocked Drain Cleaning

There’s nothing as inconvenient or as smelly as a blocked drain or sink, but fortunately aided by sophisticated CCTV camera and locator technology, our Brisbane plumbers can get to the core of the problem, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home or business. They’ll quickly establish the cause, unblock the drain, and carry out any maintenance work necessary so that it doesn’t happen again.

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Get fixed pricing, guaranteed workmanship and 24hr emergency service, book one of our licenced Brisbane plumbers today!

Practical blocked toilet fix

Our experienced drainage plumbers can unclog a toilet fast, quickly getting to the source of the blockage and clearing the toilet drain. Our team use a variety of methods to unblock the drain depending on what is clogging up the toilet. Common causes of toilet blockages include:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Toys
  • Sanitary items
  • Wet wipes
  • Tree roots
  • Drain damage – cracked or broken drains
  • Hair, floss
  • Nappies

Signs of a blocked toilet

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never a great situation to be in. Things can get very messy, very fast. Catching the problems before it becomes a completely blocked drain will prevent the worst case scenario of the overflowing toilet.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs of a blocked toilet:

  • Toilet water rising in the bowl after a flush.
  • The water is slow to drain or return to the normal level.
  • Foreign objects have been flushed down the toilet drain – sanitary items, wet wipes, toys, (anything other than pee, poo or toilet paper).
  • Bubbling or gurgling from the drain.
  • Water or sewage comes up in other drains when the toilet is flushed.

What to do when the toilet is clogged?

If you have a clogged toilet the first thing to do is not make the situation worse. Avoid:

  • Repeatedly flushing the toilet
  • Pouring a chemical drain cleaner in the toilet bowl – the harsh chemicals in the drain cleaners can create a potentially hazardous situation for the plumber who comes to unblock the drain.
  • Using wire or a coat hanger to clear the blockage – this can damage the drain pipe causing further blockages

Important Tip – One thing to remember if you have a go at clearing the toilet yourself – the blockage may come back up the drain.

The second thing to do is call Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage on 1300 616 203.

Clearing a blocked toilet

If the clog is in the immediate toilet drain our plumber will usually be able to quickly clear the toilet using tools such as a closet auger or plunger. If the blockage is further along the sewer drain, other methods/tools may be used such as high-pressure water jetting or an electric eel.

Either way, we’ll get to the problem and clear the clogged drain.

Your local toilet plumber

Contact Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage team for prompt, practical blocked toilet solutions at 1300 616 203 or complete our blocked toilet request form today.

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Plumbers eel vs water jetters

Blocked drains can be a totally nightmare! The stinking smell, backing up water, slowly draining sinks, and gurgling toilets are just some of the signs of blocked drains. Luckily the drains can be cleared easily with the help of important tools in the arsenal of a plumber like a plumbers eel or water jetter. But which is better to clear a blocked drain?

The ideal method used to clear the drain depends on the cause of the blockage and its location.

Who is responsible for blocked drains?

To find out whose responsibility is it to repair blocked drains - property owner, council or tenant, a plumber should be called to identify the root cause and location of the blockage. If the blocked drains are on your property, it is your responsibility or your tenants.

However, there are a lot of grey areas and there should be ample evidence to pinpoint which party caused the damage. If the blockage is outside your property, your local council is responsible. Contact your local plumber, they can tell you who is responsible for the blocked drains and claim the expenses from the council if needed.

Pipe relining vs pipe patching

There is no one best way to fix a pipe and before your plumber would even consider pipe relining or pipe patching, we need to determine the cause of the problem itself. In some cases, blockages can be alleviated by the simple use of a high-pressure jet rodding. In order to repair a pipe with current advanced plumbing techniques, it really depends on the type and extent of the damage to the piping in question.

How much does it cost to unblock a drain?

First, the good news - unblocking a drain is, in most cases, straightforward and fast when you ask a true expert like the drainage experts at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage.

In the early stages - such as when a sink or bath is slow to drain - the looming prospect of a full blockage can be worrying. Many home or property owners may try to 'DIY' the solution to keep costs down, but these types of fixes are normally temporary or not overly effective.

Despite the specialist equipment and experienced know-how you benefit from by putting it in the hands of an expert, the fix is normally just a low-range three-digit cost. And that's a small price to pay for the havoc that complex tree root incursions, damaged pipes and poor installation can cause down the line.

When should you call a plumber for a blocked drain?

When you ask a licensed, experienced plumber, they'll tell you there are 4 basic warning signs to watch out for when professional help could just avert a total disaster that could cause a huge mess and cost you an arm and a leg.

First, watch out for that toilet. Is the waste draining away as it should? Second, watch out for slow draining in other areas of the house, especially the kitchen, bathroom or other wet areas. Gurgling noises and foul smells are also a red flag to keep an eagle eye on because once a blockage becomes complex and total, it can be too late - and then you'll be needing a 24/7 emergency plumbing call-out and counting the damage in the thousands.

Is a blocked drain classed as an emergency?

A blocked drain can absolutely be an emergency - and one that not only disrupts your life but costs you thousands in repairs and damaged assets and potentially even health impacts. After all, plumbing & drainage was one of the major advances of the 20th century in terms of keeping our homes and bodies healthy and disease-free.

Luckily, Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage have an emergency plumbing team on call 24/7 - and we really mean 24/7, and we really mean 365 days a year, too! That's because a blockage can result in flooding or devastating leaks, and those situations can spiral out of control in a matter of seconds. And with every passing second after that, you could be counting in the thousands of dollars.

Uncontrolled waste is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria such as salmonella, which can even be fatal for vulnerable people, and your problem could even spill beyond the bounds of your property, making it even more urgent. Generally, our rule is this: If it feels like a plumbing emergency, it most certainly IS a plumbing emergency - so don't hesitate.

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